What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Shorts

Gray is a wonderful color for warm-weather clothing. It’s neutral, so it goes well with many colors. Gray can be worn as a solid or have other colors mixed in. Gray can be light or dark. 

The color gray is a mixture of black and white and can look very different depending on how much black and white there is in the mix. For example, a lighter gray looks more like white than darker gray. But both light gray and darker gray are considered neutral colors.

What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Shorts

So what color shirt goes with grey shorts? When looking for outfits to wear with gray shorts one rule is to go neutral. Black, white, and brown are always a safe bet when looking for ways to accent an outfit. 


What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Shorts

Gray is a neutral color, which means it goes well with almost every other color. This makes for an easy decision when it comes to wearing your shorts because you can always pair them with your favorite colors when choosing a shirt or blouse, cardigan, tank top, or any other type of top.

The only thing that is important when choosing a top to wear with your gray shorts is whether or not the style looks good on you. For example, if you are wearing baggy cargo style shorts that are extremely casual and comfortable then a short tight-fitting skirt would not be appropriate.

What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Shorts

The easiest way to determine what to wear with gray shorts is to match them with black or white as a contrast. This gives a really nice, classic look that works great for so many occasions. It is also easy to find tops in black or white at almost all stores, which makes this a fast option when you need something to wear right away.

For a more vibrant look try bright pink, green, blue, or yellow as a contrast color. These can be worn either as solid colors or in prints and patterns. They are best if they are not too busy though as that can take away from the beautiful gray shorts.

You can also try wearing floral prints with gray shorts for a softer look that feels more feminine than some of the other options mentioned above.

To add some sparkle and shine to your outfit try adding some silver jewelry and accessories like a bracelet, necklace, and earrings.

What Color Shirt to Wear with Light Grey Shorts

Light gray shorts can be paired with a variety of colors. They go well with white, black, blue, and yellow. If you wear them with a darker shirt, make sure the shirt isn’t too dark.

Light gray or grey is an excellent color for shorts because it goes well with many colors. I think that light gray looks best when paired with a darker shirt for men. 

You could wear a dark blue or red shirt, but if you do, make sure that it’s not too dark. You don’t want the gray to look black, this would create too much contrast between the shirt and shorts. I would suggest wearing either a light or medium version of those colors.

Women:  For a casual look, pair your light gray shorts with a cropped t-shirt in white. A pair of light pink open-toe sandals would make the whole outfit more refreshing and stylish.

Here are some other good color combinations:

  • Light grey and white
  • Light gray and black
  • Light gray and blue (light or medium)
  • Light gray and yellow (not too light)

What Color Shirt Goes with Dark Grey Shorts

Dark grey shorts can be matched with many different colors of shirts. The only thing you need to take care of is the color combination and the way you carry it. A plain dark grey short is usually paired with a white shirt or a lighter shade of grey.

For Female

If you’re wearing dark grey shorts, you can wear a white top. A white tank top or t-shirt looks great with this. You can also wear a white buttoned-up shirt or blouse. If it’s going to be very hot, try wearing a simple t-shirt or tank top in white.

If you want to wear something a bit more interesting than just a plain white shirt, choose an eye-catching pattern. Stripes are always popular and look great worn with dark grey jean shorts. 

If you prefer horizontal stripes, make sure they’re not too wide apart as this can make your hips look wider.

For Men

This combination is perfect for a casual look. You can wear your grey shorts with a white shirt, or with a light blue shirt, and even with a denim shirt.

If you want to go for a more formal look, choose shirts in dark colors such as navy blue, black, or dark grey. You can also wear your grey shorts with a pink shirt or pastel-colored shirts.

If you want to be on the safe side and don’t want to experiment too much, choose plain shirts in white, light blue, or dark blue. These are the safest choices you could make that always look good with anything.

Grey Shorts + White Shirt = A Stylish Look

What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Leather Shorts

Leather shorts come in a variety of colors, but they can all be worn with a wide range of blouses and shirts. If you are looking for something casual and comfortable, try on a striped blouse or button-up shirt. 

For a more dressy look, try a polo shirt or tank top with your leather shorts. If the weather is cold and you still want to wear your leather shorts, try pairing them with a long-sleeved shirt.

Men’s leather shorts can be worn with white or black T-shirts as well as long-sleeved sweatshirts. 

For women’s leather shorts, there are many colors to choose from, including red, blue, pink, green, and purple. For a casual look, women can pair their leather shorts with an oversized T-shirt or tank top. 

They can also pair the shorts with dressier tops such as blouses and camisoles. Women might also consider wearing tunics, which are longer tops that fall just above the knee and can be paired with leggings or tights.

What Color Shirt Goes with Black Shorts

Wear a white blouse with a black pair of shorts. White is the perfect summer color. It is light, bright, and beautiful. 

Make a statement by pairing black sneakers with your black shorts. Black sneakers go with just about any outfit. They are comfortable, casual, and cool.

For a dressier look, wear a blouse or button-up shirt with your black shorts. This is perfect for a night out on the town or a formal event.

For a relaxed look, just wear a loose t-shirt or polo top with your black shorts. This does well for running errands around town or hanging out on the weekends.

Black shorts can be paired with black or white sneakers, strappy sandals, flats, wedges, heels, gladiator sandals, and many other types of footwear.

Do GREY shorts go with a blue shirt?

I think that it depends on the shade of grey for the shorts and the shade of blue for the shirt.

A light charcoal grey short would look great with a deep royal blue shirt. A darker grey would look better with a lighter sky blue.

The deeper the color, the more “dressy” and formal it is generally considered. The lighter colors are more casual.

Can you wear brown shoes with GREY shorts?

Because of their versatility, grey shorts are a summer staple for many men. Brown shoes are a classic footwear option that can be worn with several outfits. Whether you’re pairing brown shoes with grey shorts for a casual look or a more formal occasion, there are several factors to consider when choosing your ensemble.

Can you wear a grey shirt with khaki shorts?

The answer is yes. Khaki shorts are a very versatile color and can be worn with a variety of different color shirts. 

However, the best colors to pair with khaki shorts are:

  • Blue or gray dress shirts
  • White dress shirts
  • Light pink dress shirts
  • White button-down shirts

Does navy go with grey clothes?

Gray is the perfect complement to navy. Adding gray to a navy wardrobe can give you more sartorial options and make your clothes more versatile.

If you’re wearing gray trousers or jeans, try pairing them with a navy sweater, blazer, or button-down shirt. You can also wear a gray sports coat or blazer with a pair of navy pants.

What color belt do you wear with grey pants?

A black belt will usually match with darker colors like brown and navy, but it can also match with a grey pair of pants. If you wear a black jacket, go for a black belt. If you wear a grey jacket, pair it with a black or brown belt.

The best color of the belt to wear with a grey suit is black. However, this isn’t your only option.

Do brown shoes go with gray suit?

A grey suit paired with brown shoes is a classic style combination. However, there are some rules for which shades of grey and brown go together with that you should consider before you invest in a pair of brown shoes for your grey suit.

What color shirt goes with a dark grey suit?

The answer is that most colors work well. You can’t go wrong with white, cream, light blue, or pale pink. Grey and black are classic as well. The only color you should avoid is anything too bright and loud. A pink shirt with a dark gray suit would probably be too much. I’d also avoid green or yellow shirts as they tend to clash with dark gray suits.

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