What Do I Need To Start Sewing With A Machine

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The answer to what do I need to start sewing with a machine reveals ten items. We will discuss each of them below and why they should make up your sewing kit. We’ll also guide you as a beginner sewer, especially when it’s your first time using a sewing machine. 

what do i need to start sewing with a machine

But besides making a sewing kit, do you already know how to set up a sewing machine? You must understand the proper sewing machine setup to ensure a comfortable and efficient sewing experience. 


What Should Be In A Beginner Sewing Kit?


  • Sewing machine

You can always sew projects by hand, but a sewing machine is a quick and efficient way to sew. You’ll get consistent results without taking too long, and you can work on multiple projects without getting tired that easily. Do not be intimidated by this equipment because it’s straightforward to learn and use. 

The key is to ensure that you’re getting a quality machine without too many complicated features, especially for beginners. But even if it’s basic, the machine should still live up to your demands. For more tips on finding the best one, please read our guide on how to buy a sewing machine


  • Scissors and cutting mat

The next items that should be in your sewing kit are a pair of scissors and a cutting board. You want the cutting tools to be sharp to avoid ruining the fabric. You will also benefit from a cutting mat and not just a scissor since it has straight and bias lines to make cutting more precise. 


  • Needles

You’ll need needles for hand sewing and the sewing machine. Remember that replacing the needles for each sewing project is recommended to ensure that they will sew effectively. Your kit should have multiple needles for these replacements, and it should also be diverse enough so you’ll get each type for different materials and sewing projects. 

Here is where to buy sewing machine needles that also include a buying guide. 


  • Threads

The correct thread is as crucial as using the right needle on a sewing project. It should be durable enough to withstand the material you’re using. Your sewing kit should be composed of different types of threads, so you can use the ideal one for each project. 

The last thing you want is also run out of thread while sewing. But what if the sewing machine thread keeps breaking? Do not worry because we’ve discussed how to avoid and solve this issue. 


  • Pins

Besides having lots of needles, you also need as many pins as possible. You will have an easier time sewing, especially the seams if you have enough pins to hold the fabric. Additionally, don’t forget to get a suitable holder for them to keep them from being lost. 


  • Bobbins

When you purchase a sewing machine for your sewing kit, don’t forget to get extra bobbins as well. It would be frustrating to run out of bobbin thread when doing a project. Therefore, make it a habit to wind two bobbins, especially for a large project.


  • Measuring tape

Just because your cutting mat can guide you doesn’t mean you can skip having measuring tools like the measuring tape. A measuring tape is handy for sewing garments that may need constant adjustments to the wearer. And while we’re at it, a ruler can also help a sewer, especially when marking fabrics. 


  • Fabric pens

Speaking of marking the fabric, don’t forget fabric pens and pencils. The key to precise measurements and avoiding issues while sewing is marking your patterns efficiently. However, use suitable pens that will be washed off from the material.


  • Seam ripper

Save yourself from the stress when correcting projects by having a seam ripper. As a beginner, you may end up with some mistakes that will need to be corrected. You can even use the seam ripper for buttonholes, buttons, and zippers that you need to replace. 


  • Iron

A beginner’s sewing kit must have an iron and, of course, an ironing board. You will need them for the fabric, usually from the beginning and end of the project. Remember that you’ll need to press the material and seams or set creases on the fabric. 


What Should You Do Before Starting To Sew With Your Machine?

  1. Prepare the materials and cut your patterns as required by the project
  2. Inspect your sewing machine for parts that may need readjustment or replacement
  3. Study the sewing machine manual and follow the brand’s instructions diligently
  4. Check your sitting posture if you will be comfortable in it during working
  5. Organize the tools you’ll need for the project so they’ll be easy to get 

How Do I Start Sewing For Beginners?

  1. Set up the sewing machine by threading with the upper and lower threads
  2. Adjust the tension according to the project and materials
  3. Check if you’re using the proper needle for the fabric
  4. Adjust the stitch settings and speed accordingly
  5. Test and practice sewing on a piece of scrap fabric


Was this article helpful? We just discussed what do I need to start sewing with a machine and listed a beginner kit. They include a sewing machine, cutting tools, needles, threads, pins, bobbins, measuring tape, fabric pens, seam ripper, and iron. 

From there, it’s easy to learn how to sew with a sewing machine. Feel free to browse our blogs to know more about sewing as well. 

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