What Do You Call A Person Who Sews? Read This!

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what do you call a person who sews

Are you wondering what do you call a person who sews? Sewing is an art that is being revitalized. People are discovering sewing as a creative outlet, a way to express themselves, and an easy way to make their clothes.

If this is your first time sewing clothes, you probably don’t know what you should call yourself. Do you call yourself a sewer, dressmaker, or perhaps tailor? Or do you just call yourself a “sewer”?

People have different names for people who sew. Some people call them seamstresses; some people call them needlewomen or needle men.

Ever wondered what you call someone who sews? In this article, I will try to answer these questions by looking at different names for someone who sews.


What Do You Call A Person Who Do Sews?

So, what do you call a person who sews? Here are the things you should know:



In the simplest form, a person who sews is called a sewer. He or she might be a home sewer. We use this term to describe someone who sews clothes non-professional.  However, many people dislike using this name because the term sewer can also refer to the septic tank used in households to collect sewage and wastewater.

what do you call a person who sews



Sewist is an alternative to sewer. It may not be recognized in any significant dictionaries, but it’s a term that has gained traction in the sewing community, especially among sewing bloggers.  Most people prefer using sewers because the sewer is used below the street and helps to save the city from flooding.



If you sew professionally, you probably refer to yourself with a more specific term than either sewer or sewist.

Seamstress is a catch-all term for a woman who sews professionally.  This is the better term for someone who uses a sewing machine professionally for business.

A seamstress’s main job is to sew on all the labeled, individualized pieces of fabric that fashion designers have put together and finished.  Sewers apply all the seams, hems, and tucks with the help of sewing machines and other sewing tools.




 Some people use the word Seamstress when referring to a man who sews, which is invalid. In this case, we refer to a man who sews as a sempster according to Collins Dictionary.



A quilter is someone who sews quilts. Quilters sew and then stitch a patchwork of fabrics together to create a warm and soft blanket or bedding, whether sewn together by hand or machine.  In making a quilt, the person creates a design that can be simple or complicated depending on how skilled she/he is at stitching.




A Tailor is a person who specializes in altering and adapting clothing and fashion to suit individual tastes and body shapes.

A tailor takes apart, adjusts, adds to, or completely reconstructs a garment according to their client’s wishes. A master tailor can make any kind of garment from scratch, while an average tailor may only be able to repair or alter garments.

In the past, tailors were often men, but today some tailors specialize in making clothing for women and children. Tailoring means adjusting the measurements of a garment to fit your body shape so that it hangs correctly on you.

It is often used to describe making alterations to an existing garment, such as shortening sleeves, taking in seams, or adding darts. Because garments come in various sizes, tailoring is almost always required to ensure that clothes fit correctly.



A dressmaker is a person who makes custom-tailored clothing for women, men, and children.  The term is most often used for custom women’s clothing makers, including blouses, skirts, evening gowns, and wedding dresses. 

They may also specialize in a single type or category of garments, such as wedding dresses or ball gowns.  Their products can be worn at many formal events, such as those associated with debutante cotillions and charity balls, as well as for weddings and other special occasions.



Sewing enthusiast

Sewing enthusiasts are people who love to sew. They find joy, relaxation, and satisfaction in sewing garments for themselves, their family, and even friends. Sewing enthusiasts can be either professional or amateur sewing machine operators.

They have a passion for their hobby and are willing to learn more about it.  Truly, anybody can be a sewing enthusiast. It’s all about having fun while doing something productive at the same time. 

You ought to consider learning how to sew if you want to make homemade garments or just simply want to enhance your creativity.  With the right tools and enough practice, you can create high-quality garments that you can wear with pride.


Textile artist

A textile artist is an artist who works in textiles, which includes yarns, fabrics, threads, and other materials. They may use these materials to create their artwork. Textile artists may work with fabric or yarn alone or combine it with other art media such as paint. They may also work in three dimensions. Textile artists use many different methods of working with textiles. 

Textile artist



A Crafter is a person who makes handmade goods for their use or sale to others. Crafters are usually self-employed and work out of their homes. 

These products could be anything from items made from scrap leather to home decorations, clothes, toys, or various other things. 

Typically crafters will use various skills to make their products, but they tend to focus on one specific area of expertise. This may be something like making jewelry or painting ceramics.



A needleworker is defined as someone who sews with needles and thread. However, the term can include anyone who works with sewing machines, such as tailors, dressmakers, and even seamstresses. 

The term “needleworker” is usually used to refer to people who work with fabric, clothing, and other materials that require sewing by hand. 



A couturier

A couturier is a fashion designer who creates exclusive custom-fitted clothing for high-end clients. Often employed by fashion houses or designers, couturiers design the ready-to-wear portion of a label’s collection. Still, they also work with clients to create exclusive, often bespoke clothing.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to your questions:


Is a person who sews called a sewer?

Yes, the word sewer is used to describe a person who sews, primarily if they work in the fashion industry. However, it can be used in the context of cleaning wastewater. That is why these days people prefer using sewists. 


What is a lady who sews called? 

A lady who sews is called a seamstress. She sews clothes, curtains, and other things made of the material. Some people are born with a talent for sewing, while others learn to sew by training or class. Either way, sewing is a beneficial skill in the modern world.


What is the difference between a seamstress and a Sewist?

 A sewist is someone who sews because she/he loves to sew or simply has the passion, while a seamstress is a person who sews professionally.

What is the difference between a seamstress and a Sewist


What’s another word for a seamstress?

A seamstress can also be a designer, needlewoman, dressmaker, tailor, sempstress, modiste, sewer, needleworker, and milliner.


Is sewer the same as a seamstress?

A seamstress is referred to as a woman who sews clothes professionally, while a sewer sews because she loves sewing.


What do you call a male seamstress?

A male person who sews is called a “seamster, ” a male version of a seamstress. You may also be interested to know about solving your sewing problems.


It’s A Wrap!

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