What Goes with Green Shorts

Green shorts are a bold color to wear and will be the center of attention wherever you go. Green is one of the more popular colors for men’s clothing.

It looks good on just about every skin tone, making it a great color for everyone to wear. Plus, it’s an easy way to stand out at any event where everyone is wearing black or white.

What Goes with Green Shorts

There are lots of different shades of green, from light green to dark green and everything in between. But no matter what shade you choose, there are ways to make sure your look is always in style.

But if you want to make sure your look is on-point, try one of the following combinations.

What Goes with Green Shorts

You can wear almost anything with your green shorts and make it look good. But here are some ideas to get you started.

Navy long sleeve shirt

A navy long sleeve shirt is the perfect companion for green shorts because it provides a nice contrast and will help draw attention away from your legwear. If you don’t have a navy long sleeve shirt on hand, then opt for a white or cream-colored one instead.

Black windbreaker

This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that has a lot of color contrast and will help draw attention away from your legs. 

It’s also an item that can be worn year round so it won’t feel like too much of a departure from your usual wardrobe choices.

Black floral crew-neck t-shirt 

Black is an easy and popular choice when it comes to matching green shorts. A black floral crew-neck t-shirt will help you achieve a nice contrast without sacrificing comfort.

Navy polo shirt 

Navy blue also works well when pairing green shorts with other pieces of clothing. This specific combination can look especially good if you pair it with a white buttoned shirt or a denim jacket.

Olive t-shirt

Olive green is another type of green that works well when paired with other colors. You can wear this color in many different ways, such as through pants or even shoes.

White dress shirt 

If you want to dress down your outfit, try pairing your green shorts with a white dress shirt. This will keep it casual while still making sure you look put together. A button-down or polo will work just as well too.

White blazer 

If you want something that’s going to turn heads without being too formal, go for a white blazer instead! The contrast between white and green will make both colors pop even more than usual! Just be careful not to overdo it with all the patterns, stick to one or two at most.

Light blue long sleeve shirt

This shirt is perfect because it has a collar (which makes it look more formal) but it’s still casual enough that you can wear it with the rest of your outfit without looking overdressed. 

It’s also made out of cotton so it’s light enough to wear during summer days.

Burgundy windbreaker

Burgundy is one of those colors that looks good on just about anyone because they’re not too bright or flashy, they’re just right. 

The windbreaker is perfect because it gives some extra coverage while still keeping things casual as well as comfortable in case there happens.

Light blue blazer

A light blue blazer is always a great addition to any wardrobe because it adds polish and sophistication to any outfit. This blazer is unstructured so it doesn’t feel stiff or structured like other blazers out there. 

It comes with two buttons on the front and one on each sleeve, making it easy to wear over any shirt or t-shirt under it.

Light blue dress shirt

The light blue dress shirt is one of the most popular items in men’s wardrobes. It pairs well with nearly every color in the spectrum, from light blue to dark blue and even black or white. 

You can wear it with a pair of green shorts for a fun outfit that’s sure to turn heads at work or outside on the weekend.

Pink striped long sleeve shirt

The pink striped long sleeve shirt is not only fashionable but also functional. The cotton material will keep you cool during warmer months while still being able to keep you warm if temperatures drop during winter months. 

This versatile shirt can be paired with just about anything from jeans to khakis, making it an ideal item for your closet regardless of the season or occasion you happen to be dressing for.

Charcoal crew-neck sweater

The charcoal crew neck sweater is one of those items that every man should have in his closet because it goes with everything.

The charcoal crew-neck sweater adds depth to this outfit by bringing out more colors in each piece like the light blue dress shirt and black leather belt buckle.

Grey crew-neck sweater

Grey is an excellent color for pairing with green because it’s easy to match and neutral enough that the two colors don’t compete for attention. A grey crew-neck sweater is a great choice because it’s soft and cozy, and you can pair it with just about anything.

Grey hoodie

A dark grey hoodie looks great with green shorts because it draws out the color without making it stand out too much. If you want something with a little more personality, try a bright patterned hoodie instead.

White short sleeve shirt

White is another safe color choice when pairing green shorts with other items in your wardrobe. It goes well with any color from pink to green to red, so you’ll never have trouble finding something to wear with your white shirt or tank top. 

Wear this look on its own or layer a button-down shirt under your white top for extra warmth during the winter months.

White crew-neck t-shirt

A white crew-neck t-shirt and a pair of green shorts are one of the most classic combinations in men’s fashion. It’s a look that will never go out of style, and it can be dressed up or down depending on your occasion.

If you want to dress this outfit up, add some accessories. A nice watch and some cufflinks will really make the look pop. If you’re going for a more relaxed look, just add some sandals or loafers instead of dress shoes.

White linen long sleeve shirt

A white linen long sleeve shirt is a classic that goes with just about everything. It’s light and airy, which makes it perfect for warm days. 

The sleeves are long enough to cover your hands when they get cold, but not so long that they make you look like you’re wearing a dress.

Navy print sweatshirt

You can always go with the classic navy blue crew-neck t-shirt, but if you want something a little more casual, try a navy print sweatshirt instead. It’s easy to pair with any outfit and looks greatly layered over your favorite green shorts.

Navy Crew-neck T-shirt

A navy crew-neck t-shirt works well with almost any color pairing. Pair it with white sneakers and khaki pants for a summery look or add some flair by wearing black shoes instead of white ones. 

Navy is also a good color for pairing with black shorts because it doesn’t clash with black nearly as much as white does.

Beige V-neck Sweater

A beige v-neck sweater is a great addition to your wardrobe, as it goes well with almost anything. The color complements green perfectly, making it a smart choice for an outfit that needs an accessory. 

The sweater can even be layered over the t-shirt for extra warmth if needed.

Beige Cable Sweater

A cable sweater is another versatile piece that will go with almost anything you choose to wear in your casual outfits. 

You can even pair it with jeans and sneakers for an easy weekend look during the colder months of winter or fall.

Mint Check Long Sleeve Shirt

This shirt is one of my favorites! It has a classic look, but it also has a pop of color in the pattern. The mint green brings out the green in your shorts, which makes them less girly and more fun. You could also pair this shirt with white pants or shorts for an even more neutral look.

Grey Print Tank

I love this tank because it’s got a cool print on it, but also because it has long sleeves for when it gets chilly at night! Since the tank is mostly grey with only small pops of color on the bottom, it will go well with both neutral colors (white) and bright colors (green).

Green-Yellow Print Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt has a bolder print than the other two options above, but it still fits in well with the rest of your outfit because it’s made up of greens and yellows instead of blues and greens.

A Green Shirt Jacket

A green shirt jacket is another key piece of an outfit featuring green shorts. If you’re wearing shorts to work and want to be taken seriously by your colleagues, this combination is perfect for you. 

It gives off an air of authority while still maintaining an air of fun that’s characteristic of springtime fashion trends.

Mint Hoodie

If you’re going for a casual look, a mint hoodie can be worn with your green shorts. The mint hoodie and the green shorts create a nice contrast in color. The mint hoodie is also very comfortable and light, which makes it suitable for wearing in summer weather.

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