What Is A Blind Stitch Sewing Machine: Uses & More

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The answer to what is a blind stitch sewing machine is at the name itself. You use this machine for making a blind stitch hem. We’ll also teach you how to do it correctly in this article. 

what is a blind stitch sewing machine

Speaking of blind stitch, do you know how to sew a hidden seam with a sewing machine? We wrote an easy-to-follow tutorial for this technique, so feel free to read that as well. 


What Is A Blind Stitch Sewing Machine And Is It Worth It?

A blind stitch sewing machine is a specialized or standalone machine like the serger sewing machine. It’s only capable of the specific task called blind hemming, which can be advantageous if you want to blind hem projects quickly and efficiently. You can also use a blind stitch sewing machine to attach the lining to the waistband of garments. 


How does a blind stitch sewing machine work?

The blind stitch sewing machine has a small lever on its side, and this secures the cloth in place when you put it between the two discs that will run lengthwise. The machine’s needle will then sweep from side to side to create the blind stitches on one side and tiny stitches on the other. This makes blind hemming faster with a blind stitch sewing machine, but you can also use your regular sewing machine to make blind hem stitches.  


Features on a blind stitch sewing machine

While a blind stitch sewing machine can only blind hem, some models also have other features that will make one consider getting this separate machine even if they already own a standard sewing machine. 

  • One thread is needed to make a chain stitch
  • Uses the same needle as a domestic sewing machine, and no special attachments are needed
  • Easy guide operation thanks to the knee switch, eliminating the need to raise the blind-hemming guide manually
  • Sensor to prevent off-stitching
  • The blind-hemming guide can be fixed during sewing
  • Easy cleaning thanks to a swing-out mechanism on the machine


Should I get a blind stitch sewing machine?

It’s worth it to get a blind hem machine if you often do this type of stitching. However, most modern sewing machines have a blind hem setting, and you only need to select the stitch and hem foot to blind hem your garments. Therefore, it might be better to invest in a device capable of different stitches, especially if you don’t own any sewing machine yet. 


How Do You Use A Blind Stitch Sewing Machine?

  1. Refer to the manual of the specific blind stitch sewing machine you have
  2. Turn on the motor and power switch
  3. Fold the cloth in two and insert it into the blind-hemming guide of the machine
  4. Pull the guide down horizontally and raise the presser foot
  5. Place the fabric under the foot, then lower the foot to secure it for sewing
  6. The blind-hemming guide on the machine will be fixed with the solenoid, so when the stepped part passes through it, the slide edge guide will move to the right 
  7. Push the knee switch to raise the blind-hemming guide when the starting point is getting near to the guide 
  8. Finish your stitches


What Is A Blind Stitch Called?

A blind stitch is also called a blind hem or slip stitch. And from the name itself, it’s a method of sewing invisible hems, usually on light materials or garments that will look better if the stitches are hidden inside the fabric fold. The hem of some sewing projects will also look more professionally finished with a blind stitch since the visible stitches of the fabric are very tiny. 

You can blind stitch by hand or with a sewing machine. However, it can be tedious to do it by hand, especially when working on a large volume of sewing projects. Furthermore, you might finish faster, especially when you blind hem with a machine on massive materials such as those in quilts and curtains. 


How Do You Use A Blind Stitch On A Sewing Machine?

  1. Press the raw edge by about ¼ inch or zigzag it if you’re using a heavy fabric
  2. Press the edge again by the seam allowance and pin 
  3. Fold the hem backward, so you’ll be left with around ⅛ inch of material poking out the edge
  4. Select the blind stitch setting on the sewing machine with the stitch set to 2 in width and length 
  5. Remove the current foot and put in the blind hem foot on the sewing machine
  6. Place the fabric under the machine and align the foot guide with the folded edge
  7. Begin sewing as usual and then fold the hem down to pull the stitches vertically 


What Stitch Do You Use For Hemming?

  • Blind stitch
  • Zigzag stitch
  • Overlock stitch



And that’s it! We hope you understand what is a blind stitch sewing machine as a specialized machine for blind hemming. It’s similar to a serger specializing in overlocking stitches, but instead, it does blind hem stitches quickly and easily. 

So was it worth it to get a separate blind stitch sewing machine? The answer depends on you and the projects you’re doing. Otherwise, you can use the right stitch setting and foot on your sewing machine to blind stitch. 


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