What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Denim: Top 3

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We found out what is the best sewing machine for denim in three brands. But because it can be challenging to choose among them, we’ll review each model to help you find out their features and advantages.

what is the best sewing machine for denim

We also recommend finishing reading this article as it shares tips in sewing denim. And if you’re curious about the best heavy-duty sewing machines, feel free to read our separate review for them as well. 

Overall, remember that not all sewing machines can handle sewing materials like denim. So always know the capacity of the unit to ensure precise and quality stitches. 


Which Sewing Machine Is Best For Sewing Jeans?


Singer Heavy Duty 4423

It’s no question that Singer is among the top sewing machine brands, and they have an array of powerful sewing machines that can sew denim with ease. Among the praised units would be the Singer Heavy Duty 4423, which also comes at a reasonable price. 

The Singer Heavy Duty 4423 uses a powerful motor and a heavy-duty metal frame to withstand the demands of sewing denim. As Singer markets it, it is 50% more powerful for sewing thick materials and works at extra-high sewing speed to ensure that you can sew denim without jamming. 

As for the sewing features, this model has 97 stitches and a one-step buttonhole. Thanks to its top drop-in bobbin, you can also appreciate its overall simplicity of usage as a beginner, including the set-up. 


Brother ST150HDH

If you’re a fan of Brother sewing machines, consider getting the Brother ST150HDH model for sewing jeans. The brand calls it strong and tough, not just because of its metal interior frame and high-speed sewing capacity. 

When sewing denim, you don’t need to worry about irregular stitches because the Brother ST150HDH even includes heavyweight needles and a metal needle plate. Brother is even confident that you can use this for sewing multiple layers of denim, and size won’t be an issue because of its generous workspace. 

As for the sewing features, you’ll get five styles of buttonholes from its 50 stitches. So feel free to experiment with various denim projects and expect a smooth experience, primarily since it uses long 7-point feed dogs. 


Janome HD-1000 

Janome is among the brands to check when you’re looking for something heavy-duty. And for sewing denim, consider the Janome HD-1000 for something straightforward but capable. 

This unit would be perfect for sewing denim because of its aluminum body and powerful motor. So you can work on projects like jeans with ease and expect that they will last long. 

Depending on the projects you’ll do, you might appreciate the extra-high presser foot lift, and there’s a wide array of attachments to get that will be compatible with this machine. While it’s not as packed with features as the previous units, the Janome HD-1000 is still worthy of being on this list because of its guaranteed durability and stability. 


Can I Use A Regular Sewing Machine For Denim?

It’s possible to use any regular sewing machine on denim, but some types of denim are too thick and heavy that your regular machine can fail to sew it, or its motor might also give out. So it’s better to invest in a heavy-duty sewing machine or those marketed by the brands for sewing materials like denim, canvas, and other heavyweight fabrics. 

Furthermore, you’ll often sew multiple layers of denim together, which means you’ll need something powerful and stable. In some cases, you might even need an industrial sewing machine since some denim types will use a particular thread and needle that you can’t set on models that aren’t industrial-grade. 


What Type Of Stitch Is Used For Denim?

  • Busted outseam
  • Chain stitch
  • Hemstitch
  • Lockstitch
  • Topstitch 
  • Overlock stitch
  • Zigzag stitch
  • Flat felled seam

Always test your sewing machine stitch settings on a piece of scrap denim to know what adjustments to make. Also, please read how to prewash fabric for sewing because denim can shrink and washing also helps soften the material. 


What Tension Should Sewing Machine Be For Denim?

It’s best to sew various stitching lines of thread tension settings on scrap denim to know which will look best for the type of stitch you’ll do. For example, one might recommend having the tension set to 8 when topstitching denim, so both the top and lower thread look equal, without one being too tight or too loose. 

However, you still need to consider your thread as well. Sewers can use an all-purpose thread and denim needle on the denim seams at a tension setting of 6, but using other materials may require another setting. 


Do You Need Special Needles For Denim?

When sewing denim, you need a denim needle to ensure that it can puncture the material smoothly and quickly. You also risk breaking the needle if you use the wrong type for medium to heavyweight fabrics like denim. 

But of course, select the needle that is compatible with the thread you’re using. Heavyweight threads, for example, will require needles with a larger eye to accommodate them. 



And that’s it! We just found out what is the best sewing machine for denim, which revealed three models from Singer, Brother, and Janome. 

These units are made of robust materials and are powerful enough to sew multiple layers of denim with ease. However, make sure also to use the right accessories such as the foot, needle, and thread when working with denim. 

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