What Size Bobbins For Brother Sewing Machine

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To learn what size bobbins for Brother sewing machine means knowing the most commonly used size for most models. We will discuss what this means in more detail below. 

what size bobbins for brother sewing machine

Furthermore, we’ll tackle how to select a bobbin size and the importance of using the correct one. For additional information, consider learning how to thread a Bobbin on a Brother sewing machine as well.

Besides getting the correct bobbin for your machine, it’s crucial to thread it correctly to avoid issues. 


What Size Bobbins To Use For A Brother Sewing Machine

If your Brother sewing machine is among the following models, the size bobbin to use is Class 15 or SA156 bobbins. You can also see the complete list of models that use this bobbin on the Brother website

  • BB370
  • BC1000
  • BM2700AS
  • BP1400E
  • BQ1350
  • BX2925PRW
  • CE1125PRW
  • CP100X
  • CS100T
  • CX155LA
  • DZ2750
  • ES2000
  • EX660
  • FB1757T
  • GX37
  • HC1850
  • HE120
  • HS2000
  • JS60
  • JX2517
  • LB5000M
  • LS1217B
  • LX2375
  • MZ53
  • NQ575PRW
  • NS40E
  • NV1200
  • NX200
  • PC210
  • PE535
  • PS100
  • PS21
  • SB700T
  • SC707
  • SE1950
  • SM1400
  • SQ9185
  • ST150HDH
  • VE2200
  • VM5100
  • VQ2400
  • VX980
  • XJ1
  • XL2010
  • XM2701
  • XP2
  • XR1300


Considering the extensive list of Brother sewing machines that use this bobbin type, it’s probably the most common size at 11.5mm or 7/16-inch-deep bobbins. Nonetheless, it’s still best to refer to your model’s manual to know what size bobbin to use. 

Brother also readily has accessories like bobbins, so it’s better to get them directly to the brand when you’re replacing the one on your machine. Otherwise, the sewing machine won’t work as intended.   


Do All Brother Sewing Machines Use The Same Size Bobbins?

Most Brother sewing machines use the Class 15 or SA156 bobbins, which means most models can use this bobbin size. However, it’s worth noting that you need the specific bobbin for Brother and do not use anything as an alternative to avoid issues. 

Some might say that you can use a Class 14 bobbin if you can’t find a Class 15 bobbin for your sewing machine. However, even using any generic Class 15 bobbin is not a good idea since not all Class 15 bobbins are the same, so why try a Class 14?


Are all sewing bobbins the same size?

  • Bobbins which are 0.780 inches in diameter and 0.460 inches high are called the style A or class 15 bobbins
  • Bobbins which are 0.910 inches in diameter and 0.350 inches high are called the style L bobbin
  • Bobbins which are 0.910 inches in diameter and 0.310 inches high are called the Class 66 bobbins
  • Bobbins which are 1.000 inches in diameter and 0.430 inches high are called style M bobbins


Are Brother Bobbins Universal?

Brother bobbins are not universal, but no bobbin is universal, to begin with. There are various sewing machines in the market, which means you must use the specific one recommended by the manufacturer. 


Does it matter what bobbin I use?

It’s crucial to use the correct bobbin for your sewing machine. Bobbins differ not just in size, but you can also find metal and plastic bobbins, whichever is recommended in your model. 

Why is using the specific bobbin necessary? Bobbins are never universal or interchangeable. 

For example, using the wrong size can affect stitch formation. Even switching between plastic and metal bobbins can affect the tension. 

Refer to how to adjust tension on Brother sewing machine if you notice loose or tight stitches. 


Types of bobbin

  1. Class 15 bobbins are the most common type, with flat tops and bottoms made of either metal or plastic
  2. M Class bobbins have bigger diameters than others because it is often used for industrial sewing machines
  3. L Class bobbins can be somewhat universal since you can use them on front-loading and drop-in style machines 
  4. Class 66 bobbins are the opposite of L Class bobbins because you can only use them on top-loading machines


Are plastic bobbins better than metal?

Selecting between plastic and metal bobbins depends on your sewing machine. If your model is plastic, then a plastic bobbin is ideal, whereas a metal bobbin should be used on a metal sewing machine.

But of course, expect that metal bobbins are more durable. And if you’re using an older machine, you want something heavy like a metal bobbin instead of plastic ones that are more suitable for modern machines. 


How to tell the bobbin size

  1. Consider the bobbin case dimensions 
  2. Check the sewing machine class
  3. Identify the bobbin thickness 


How Do I Know What Size Bobbin To Buy?

The best way to know what bobbin size to get is by referring to the manual. From there, you’ll see if the machine needs a Class 15, Class 66, M Class, or L Class bobbin, which differs in size. 

You can also check your bobbin case to see if it can securely hold the bobbin size you selected. However, you still risk getting the wrong size, so it’s better to check your model’s manual or research the model you have.



And that’s it! We just found out what size bobbins for Brother sewing machine; Class 15 or SA156 bobbins.

But while most Brother sewing machines use this bobbin type, please still consult your model’s manual. Bobbins are not universal, and it’s crucial to use the specific one for every sewing machine.  

We hope this was helpful; leave us a question if you have any. 


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