What Size Sewing Machine Needle For Leather

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If you’re curious about what size sewing machine needle for leather, it can be from 70/10 to 110/18. This article will talk about the leather needle and how to sew leather with a domestic machine. 

what size sewing machine needle for leather

Speaking of which, do you already know what is the best sewing machine for leather? It will be helpful for you to know the right accessories and the device itself that would suit leather sewing. 

Remember that leather can be quite tricky to sew, so the correct needle and sewing machine are crucial for efficiency.


What Sewing Machine Needle Size For Leather

The ideal sewing machine needle size for leather ranges from 70/10 to 110/18. You have a wide size range to choose from because not all leathers are the same. 

Nonetheless, these sizes are available for leather needles, the particular needle type designed for sewing leather, artificial leather, and heavy synthetic materials. And if you’re unsure with what size to select, a suitable needle size for leather, to begin with, is 80/12. 


Do You Need A Special Needle To Sew Leather?

You need a special needle for sewing needles because leather is a tough material. However, it should be easy to know what needle that is since it’s called the leather needle. 

One can differentiate leather needles based on the style of point they have. They include the round point, diamond point, twist point, and cross point leather needles. 


Types of leather needles

The round point leather needle tends to leave a noticeable hole, while the diamond point leather needle will cut through the leather. Therefore, the diamond point needle is perfect for thick, dry, or heavy leather types. 

As for finishing leather materials, you can achieve a neater finish with a twist point leather needle since it cuts the leather diagonal to the stitches. And finally, you can follow the seams of your projects with a perfectly straight line with a cross point leather needle. 


What Does A Leather Sewing Needle Look Like?

The leather needle comes in different point styles, but it should be distinguishable with its wedge-shaped point. This allows the needle to go through the leather without tearing and damaging the material. 

And besides leather, you can sew thick materials such as suede and other heavy fabrics as long as they’re not woven or knitted. Otherwise, the cutting point of the leather needle can ruin the knit fabric. 

The emphasis is necessary that you set your sewing machine correctly and work slowly to get precise stitches since the leather needle leaves holes. And finally, tie the ends to secure your stitches since backstitching will further ruin the material. 


What Standard Sewing Machine Needles Is Good For Sewing Leather?

Please note that it’s not enough to use a 110/18 needle when sewing leather. If you use a standard sewing machine needle of this size, the machine will still struggle. 

You can’t use any standard sewing machine needle when sewing leather because it can break, create unsightly stitches, or make the work more frustrating. So instead, learn how to change a sewing machine needle and replace your ordinary one with a leather needle with the correct size for the leather type. 


How Thick Of Leather Can A Sewing Machine Sew?

The thickness of leather you can sew with a sewing machine depends on the type of machine you have, the specific leather type, and the number of layers you’re sewing. In general, you should still stick to garment-weight leather similar to denim in thickness when using a household sewing machine. 

Most home sewing machines are only compatible with up to 110-size leather needles and T70 bonded nylon thread anyway. Therefore, consider investing in an industrial sewing machine if you often expect to sew tough and thick leathers. 


Can I sew leather with a normal sewing machine?

You can sew a garment-weight leather with a normal sewing machine, but remember these tips to be efficient:

  • Use the correct-size leather needle and a bonded nylon thread 
  • Replace the standard presser foot with a Teflon foot to prevent slippage
  • Sew leather slowly to prevent skipped stitches
  • Use long stitches to prevent the needle from getting stuck to the leather if you need to sew fast
  • Avoid pinning leather, but instead, use binder clips to keep leather in place and prevent makings
  • Trim seam allowance up to half of the total width to prevent bulky hems on leather
  • Use a double topstitch when finishing hem on leather
  • Do not backstitch when finishing leather stitches 


What Is A 110 18 Needle Used For?

Large needle sizes like 110/18 are suitable for heavyweight fabrics. This is why it’s among the sizes for sewing leather. 

Remember that you must get a larger needle as your fabric gets heavier. Size 110/18 needles can also be used for sewing denim, canvas, and upholstery since smaller needles can break.

However, you still need to experiment with a fabric sample. Some materials can pucker if you’re using a needle too big for it. 



And that’s it! We just learned what size sewing machine needle for leather, and it can be between 70/10 to 110/18. 

You can also start with 80/12 if you’re unsure. However, the emphasis is necessary on using a leather needle to avoid damaging the material or experiencing needle breaking. 

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