What To Do With Broken Sewing Machine: 2 Options

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If you don’t know what to do with broken sewing machine, you have two options. First, we’ll talk about recycling and donating it in this article to help lessen the disposals in landfills. But if both options are not applicable, you’ll also learn about the proper disposal of broken sewing machines. 

what to do with broken sewing machine

But what if your sewing machine is still in good condition and you want to offer it? We wrote a separate article on where to sell your sewing machine if you’d instead prefer getting a couple of bucks in exchange for your unit. 


Broken Sewing Machine What To Do With It?

Before you proceed with recycling or donating the broken unit, have you considered checking and trying to repair it beforehand? Sometimes, even just knowing how to service a sewing machine can solve issues and damages that we usually thought of as serious and unsolvable. If the device has sentimental value, you should also think about getting it professionally repaired, so you can keep it as long as possible. 


Recycle or repurpose the broken sewing machine

The best thing you can do with a broken sewing machine is to recycle it. The sewing machine has various parts ranging from electronics, metals, and plastic pieces. If you know the anatomy of your device, it’s possible that you can take it apart yourself and separate the parts that you can repurpose or reuse. 

Consider searching for crafts that you can do with sewing machine parts or be imaginative with the existing items you have. You might be able to repair or improve some things with the components you got from the machine. But if these are too tedious for you, you can just visit your local recycling center and earn a couple of bucks from the parts you’ll give them. 


Did you know that it’s also possible to donate broken sewing machines? Of course, some charities and organizations specify that they require working units. But some shops like Sewing Doc do accept broken sewing machines.

They are located in Cumming, Georgia, and the reason why they’ll take broken sewing machines is they can use them for training student technicians. Apprentices can practice even on broken sewing machines. Some might even be willing to repair the broken models and then sell them for charity projects. 


How Do You Dispose Of A Sewing Machine?

You have no choice but to throw away a sewing machine that is too worn down beyond repair, recycling, or donating. To dispose of a sewing machine, you must first check if the regulations. For example, electronic sewing machines should not be thrown in just any random waste bin.

The best thing to do is check with your local disposal department. You can also contact recycling centers or garbage drop-offs if curbside pickup is not possible with the sewing machine. Don’t be surprised that most waste departments recommend repairing or recycling the sewing machine instead.


Does Anyone Buy Broken Sewing Machines?

It’s possible to sell your broken sewing machine, depending on the model and its condition. Some people might be willing to negotiate the price since they’ll pay for the unit’s repairs themselves. Some collectors and enthusiasts will buy certain sewing machines regardless of whether it is a specific high-value model or a limited edition.

Please note that if you’ll also sell the sewing machine with damage, mention it in the description or took a photo for the buyer. You must be honest when selling the device to establish a good relationship with your potential buyer. You can also check with forums to get an idea of the reasonable selling price for your broken sewing machine. 


What Can I Do With My Old Sewing Machine And Cabinets?

You can check the working and intact parts of your old sewing machine because other owners of the same model might benefit from them as replacement parts. You can also try restoring your old sewing machine and cabinet as they might sell for a good value. And if your table stand that comes with the machine is still in good shape, you can repurpose it around your home as a coffee table or nightstand, for example. 


How Much Do Old Sewing Machines Go For?

According to the International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society, there are various values to consider to help you determine how much is your sewing machine. For example, does it have decorative value with features that will make it appealing to potential buyers? What about its historical significance?

Old sewing machines that rare can get sold for thousands of dollars, especially if it has a historical value or collector’s value. It should be one of a kind, limited, or interesting. And, of course, you’ll score a better price if the unit still has parts that would allow the restoration of the unit. 



And that’s it! To recap what to do with broken sewing machine, you can either recycle or donate the unit. You must also check with your local area regarding the disposal of sewing machines before leaving them on the curb. 

As for the potential of someone buying the unit, it’s possible since there are different kinds of buyers. Just make sure to research your machine to know how to price it. 


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  1. You say to recycle or donate, but to who. Who accepts used
    sewing machines that have problems? That is what I want
    to know. I have 5 that have problems. Probably minor.

  2. Like to sell my sewing machine – COOPER – it’s broken down …..

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