What to Wear with Black Pants (30+ Outfit Ideas)

Black pants are a wardrobe staple and there’s no shortage of ways to wear them. A pair of black pants can be your best friend. They’re easy to throw on and look great. The key is to find the right outfit and shoes that complement the look and bring out the best in your black pants.

We don’t want anyone to feel like that, so we put together a list of 10 outfits that will help you rock your black pants no matter what the occasion. Here’s what to wear with black pants:

What to Wear with Black Pants

What to Wear with Black Pants for Male

If you’re not sure what to wear with black pants, here are some ideas:

Grey Crew-Neck Sweater and White Canvas Low Top Sneakers

This classic combination works for any season. The soft grey sweater is a great base for the more casual sneakers, which will add some contrast without competing with your black pants.

Black & White Stripes with A White T-shirt 

If you want to make your outfit stand out, try wearing black pants with white stripes down the legs or at the bottom hem of your pant leg. 

A white t-shirt looks great when paired with this style because it draws attention to your lower body area instead of your upper body area where most people tend to focus when they see someone wearing stripes on their clothing items for men such as shirts, jackets, sweaters or even socks and underwear if you’re into that sort of thing.

Navy Denim Jacket with Black Pants

A denim jacket is always a good idea when it comes to dressing up casual outfits. It’s an easy way to take something from being too casual to being ready for an evening out or special event. 

A navy denim jacket looks great with black pants and white sneakers or brown leather boots for fall/winter, and white canvas low-top sneakers or tan desert boots for spring/summer.

Navy Windbreaker with Black Pants

The navy windbreaker is perfect for springtime because it adds a pop of color to your look. Pairing it with black pants makes this piece more casual than if you wore a suit jacket or blazer. 

Also, don’t forget to add a pair of aviator sunglasses to complete the look.

Black Denim Jacket and Black Pants with Black Leather Casual Boots

This outfit is perfect for an evening out with friends or on a date night. The black denim jacket looks great paired with black pants because it has a similar color palette as well as the same silhouette. 

If you’re going out on the town, add some bold jewelry like a bracelet to balance out the bright colors of this outfit.

A Grey Print Hoodie and Black Pants with White Leather Low Top Sneakers

If you’re not feeling too dressy but still want to look put together, try this outfit. This is another great combination that has been popular lately because it’s so versatile. You can wear it during the day while running errands around town or in the evening while going out on the town.

Charcoal Vertical Striped Wool Gilet

If you’re going for a more formal look, consider a charcoal vertical striped wool gilet. This will give your outfit some structure, but it’s still an easy piece to wear that won’t break the bank.

Black Leather Jacket 

There are many different options when it comes to leather jackets, but if you want something classic, go for a biker jacket. This style works well with anything from dress shirts and ties to t-shirts and sneakers. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, try pairing one with a white t-shirt and some sneakers for a casual look that’s perfect for days off from work or school.

Black Overcoat

An overcoat is another great way to add interest to your black pants without having too much black in one outfit. 

Try pairing your overcoat with an oxford button-down shirt for an elegant look that will keep you warm in the winter months or an open collar polo shirt for warmer weather occasions when you don’t need as much coverage from the elements outside.

Pairing Black Pants with Sweaters

Sweaters are another great option for wearing with black pants. While you may not think that this combination sounds very exciting, it can actually look really stylish if done correctly. 

Try pairing your creased black jeans with a simple white or grey sweater for an effortless look that will work just about anywhere. 

You can also opt for something bolder like a patterned sweater or even a cardigan if you want something more casual than your standard button-up or dress shirt.

What to Wear with Black Pants for Female

When it comes to black pants for females, there are many options you can choose from. Black is a very versatile color, and it goes well with almost everything. You can wear black pants with dresses, skirts, suits or even skirts

Burgundy Open Cardigan

The first thing that you should do when styling your black pants is to add an accessory such as a burgundy open cardigan. 

This will help balance the look by giving it more color and softness. You can also try wearing other accessories like necklaces or earrings to complement the outfit.

Black Pants, Black Blazer And Black Shoes

This is another great option for those who want to take their look up a notch. It’s very similar to the first option except that it makes use of more formal pieces like a blazer and high heels instead of flats or oxfords. 

Black suits are also an option here if you want something even more professional looking.

White Leather Low Top Sneakers

A pair of white leather low-top sneakers are the perfect shoe to wear with black pants. They will match perfectly and give your entire outfit a pop of color. 

If you want to go all out, pair these shoes with a bright-colored skirt or dress to really make it stand out.

Red Print Blazer with Black Suede Pumps

This look is perfect if you want something a bit more formal yet still casual enough to wear all day long. 

The red print blazer adds a little bit of color while still matching perfectly with the black dress pants and pumps. 

This outfit would also look great with a pair of black heels instead of flats if you wanted something less casual.

Black Turtleneck with Black Dress Pants

This is a classic look that never goes out of style. You can wear this outfit to work or during the weekend. The black turtleneck is fitted so it shows off your figure and the black dress pants give you an elegant look. It’s perfect for work or going out at night on the town.

A Navy Coat with Black Dress Pants

This outfit is perfect for those cold winter days when you need something warm but still want to look stylish and chic at the same time. A navy coat looks great over a pair of black dress pants and it’s one of my favorite looks for winter!

A Burgundy Floral Short Sleeve Blouse

If you want something more casual but still looks great, try pairing a short sleeve blouse with black dress pants. The burgundy floral print on this blouse adds some flair while still keeping things simple and basic so it works well with just about anything.

Tan Suede Blazer with Black Leather Derby Shoes

This is one of my favorite outfits! The tan suede blazer with black leather derby shoes is a classic look that can be worn in any season. I love how it looks with the rolled-up sleeves and the tan color against the black pants. This is a great outfit to wear if you want something professional yet still casual enough for everyday wear.

Black Jeans Paired with a Casual Button-Down Shirt

A pair of black jeans paired with a casual button-down shirt is an effortless weekend look while still looking put together. If you want to add some pizzazz to your jeans, try out some trendy denim jacket designs like distressed denim jackets and biker denim jackets.

Grey Plaid Coat and Black Dress Pants

I also love this outfit! It’s simple but has a lot of character because of the plaid coat and red lipstick. I like how the black dress pants are fitted at the bottom so they don’t look too casual or too baggy. If you want to make it more casual, feel free to switch out your heels for flats or sneakers.

Final Words

My best advice for wearing black pants is to keep it simple. You want to focus on the pants, not what you’re wearing over the pants. If that means keeping the rest of your outfit simple, go with that. 

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