What to Wear with Jean Shorts (17+ Jean Shorts Outfit Ideas)

The jean shorts are an extremely versatile piece of clothing that can be worn to the beach, to parties, and even to work. They can be worn with different types of tops, shoes, and accessories. The problem is that most women do not know how to wear them properly.

So what do you wear with jean shorts? We have some great ideas for you!

What to Wear with Jean Shorts

If you’re looking for some short jeans outfit ideas for your upcoming summer outings, then try wearing your favorite pair of jeans shortcut with one of the following options:

Here are some ideas on what to wear with jean shorts:

Jean Shorts Outfit Ideas

Denim on Denim

If denim is your thing (and it should be), then this is an easy way to style your denim shorts in an unexpected way, by wearing denim on denim (or “double denim”).

A denim jacket is a must-have for any season, but it’s especially handy in the fall when temperatures drop at night and early morning. You can wear it over any outfit, including jean shorts.

The jacket adds an extra layer of warmth to your look while still keeping it casual enough not to look too matchy-matchy with your other pieces.

Jean Shorts With A Dress Shirt and Tie

Jean shorts can be paired with any type of dress shirt, but a button-down collar is the best choice because it will complement the shape of your face.

If you want to dress up your outfit, even more, tuck in your shirt and tie it at the neck with an ascot or tie.

Jean Shorts With A Blazer And Dress Shoes

A blazer is another great option for men who want to dress up their jean shorts outfits. Wear this combination when you’re going out to dinner or attending an event where it’s important to dress up.

For example, if you’re going to church or getting married, this should be one of the first combinations that come to mind.

Tee / Tank + Chunky Necklace

A chunky necklace is another easy way to dress up your outfit without having to spend too much time getting ready. It also draws attention away from any areas you may not feel 100% confident about showing off right now.

You can choose one that matches the color scheme of your outfit or something bolder that compliments it.

White T-shirt + Denim Shorts for a Classic Casual Look

White tees are an absolute wardrobe essential, they go with everything. Wear them under a button-down or blazer, or by themselves as an easygoing outer layer. A pair of denim shorts is classic and casual, and it makes for a perfect pairing with this look. The contrast between black shoes and white tee works well here too, it’s simple yet elegant.

Wear With Tall Boots

Pair your denim shorts with a pair of tall boots and an oversized scarf for a stylish fall look that is perfect for days that start out cool and warm up throughout the day (or even all day).

Floral Printed Tops

Jean shorts with a fun printed top, like this floral top from Forever 21. A flirty floral top is perfect for spring and summer days. It’s feminine without being too much, which makes it the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Sweater Dress and Booties

Jean shorts with a sweater dress and booties for an everyday outfit that’s both comfortable and stylish. If you want to make this outfit more casual, switch out your booties for sneakers or loafers instead.

Jean Shorts + Long Sleeves

Wear your denim shorts with a loose-fitting long-sleeved top such as a t-shirt or sweater. If you want to dress it up, throw on an oversized scarf around your neck.

Jean Shorts + Chunky Sweater

This look is perfect for fall because it keeps you warm while still looking trendy and cute. Throw on any chunky sweater or cardigan and pair it with some leopard-print booties for an extra kick of style.

Jean Shorts + Sweatshirt Dress

When it gets chilly outside but you don’t want to give up your denim shorts just yet, try pairing them with a sweatshirt dress instead. This look is super comfortable and casual, just throw on some sneakers and head out the door.

A Dressy Top

A dressy top with jean shorts is always a great look because it makes you look put-together without being too stuffy. You can add some height to this outfit by wearing heels or wedges. If you’re going for something more casual, try adding a denim jacket or cardigan over your dressy top.

Wear Them With a Graphic Tee and White sneakers

This is the classic look for casual days when you want to dress up in something comfortable but still put together. You can also add some color with a colorful T-shirt or even a patterned top if you want to make it more interesting.

A Button-Down Shirt With Your Favorite Jeans

The classic look is to pair your denim shorts with a button-down dress shirt and loafers. A pair of loafers will give you an elegant look, while still keeping things casual. Add a blazer over the top if you want to dress it up even more.

You can also choose a crisp white button-down if you don’t have any other colors in your wardrobe yet.

Jean shorts + Sandals

Denim shorts and sandals is another easy pair that works well for casual days or nights out around town when you’re not looking to dress up too much. You can even wear this combination on vacation as well.

Just make sure to avoid flats so your feet don’t look too long next to the short length of the denim shorts.

Jean Shorts & Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are perfect for wearing with jean shorts because they don’t have straps that might show. The gladiator style is also super trendy right now so it’s a great way to update your wardrobe.

A Button-Down Dress Shirt And Loafers

Pair your jean shorts with loafers and a button-down dress shirt for a more formal look. It’s a good idea to wear something on your feet that will lengthen your legs when wearing short dresses or skirts that are above the knees.

Jean Shorts + A Leather Jacket

If you want to add some edge to your look, try pairing your denim shorts with a leather jacket and heels or boots. You can also try tucking in a button-down shirt under the jacket for added warmth if it’s cold outside.

Tips for Wearing Jean Shorts

Here are some tips on how to wear a pair of jeans shorts:

  1. Keep it simple. You don’t have to match your jean shorts exactly; just make sure your top and shoes are coordinating colors.
  2. Choose the right size for your body type
  3. Pair them with stylish tops and shoes
  4. Match them with other pieces from your wardrobe
  5. Wear them during the day as well as at night
  6. Avoid wearing too much jewelry when wearing denim shorts unless it’s something like dangly earrings or a necklace made out of silver or gold chains, silver pieces will complement any color of denim while gold ones will go best with
  7. Choose sandals or flats instead of heels if you want to keep things casual.

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