What to Wear With Leather Shorts(21+ Leather Shorts Outfits)

When the weather is warm and sunshine is in the air, you can’t go wrong with leather shorts. They are stylish, comfortable, and versatile.

Leather shorts are a great way to spice up your wardrobe. They can be worn with almost anything and can make you look super cool. However, wearing leather shorts does not have to be a daunting task. If you want to wear them, then you should find some good outfits that go well with them.

What to Wear with Leather Shorts

But what should you wear with leather shorts? Here are some leather shorts outfits ideas:

What to Wear With Leather Shorts

Here are some of the best options that will look great when worn with leather shorts.

White Denim Jacket

This is a fun and flirty take on the classic denim jacket. It’s perfect for summer, but you can also wear it during other seasons.

The white denim jacket has a lot of character, so it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit simple.

White Blouse & Cream Chiffon Blazer

You can’t go wrong with this look. The cream blazer is ideal for spring and summer, but you can wear it year-round if you add a scarf or scarf print tights (in winter). A white blouse only enhances the overall appearance of this outfit.

Brown Leather Jacket

A brown leather jacket is an easy way to add some edge to your look while still keeping it casual.

A classic brown leather jacket will never go out of style and is a great investment piece that you’ll wear over and over again.

Black Silk Sleeveless Top

The black sleeveless top is another great option that adds just enough color without being too bold or distracting from your outfit.

The softness of this top makes it great for layering under a jacket or cardigan if you want an extra layer when it gets cooler outside.

Short Sleeve Denim Shirt

This is a timeless piece that you can wear year after year without ever getting tired of it. It comes in so many different styles, colors, and prints that it’s hard not to love this classic piece.

Black V Neck Blouse

This look has more color than the previous one and is more appropriate for fall, winter, or spring weather. It’s also great for work and other formal situations where you don’t want to wear a suit but still want to look professional.

The blouse can be worn open over the tank top or closed with a scarf or belt as an accessory.

Hot Pink Crew-Neck Sweater

A hot pink crew-neck sweater is another good choice for pairing with your leather shorts. Hot pink is a great color because it can look both casual and professional depending on how you wear it. In this case, we paired it with black leather shoes for a more casual look.

Floppy Hat

A floppy hat is a must-have accessory for any summer outfit. It protects your face from harmful UV rays and adds a chic, bohemian vibe to your look. A white straw hat is perfect for adding glamour to a casual outfit.

Grey T-Shirt

A simple grey t-shirt is an easy way to dress up your short leather shorts without adding too much bulk or color.

Pair it with wedge sandals for a casual look, or go high fashion by wearing it over black pants with ankle boots and a blazer.

Black or Brown Leather Boots

These are perfect for winter weather and will keep your legs warm and dry when you’re out in bad weather.

Choose tall boots if you want extra protection from the cold and rain, but ankle boots will look more feminine and chic (and still keep your ankles warm).

Brown Leather Oxford Shoes

Leather shoes are an essential part of any wardrobe. They’re versatile and timeless and go with all types of outfits. When choosing a pair, choose one that complements the color of your shorts and shirt.

For example, if you’re wearing a pair of black leather shorts and a white dress shirt, then brown leather oxford shoes would be ideal because they match perfectly with both colors.

Black Chiffon Long Sleeve Blouse

If you want to go for something more feminine, try pairing your leather shorts with this long sleeve chiffon blouse in black. The sheer fabric will keep things feminine while still allowing the shorts to peek through.

It’s also very lightweight, so it won’t feel like you’re wearing too much clothing on hot summer days. The key here is keeping everything simple and streamlined so that it doesn’t look too busy or overdone.

Black Sweater

This is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. It goes with everything from jeans to chinos to trousers and even suits. It’s also very easy to dress up or down depending on what you wear underneath it.

White Lightweight Trenchcoat

A trench coat is perfect for the summer months because it gives you an extra layer over your suit without making you look too bulky or adding unnecessary bulk. If it’s warm out then you can leave it open and show off some chest hair; if it’s cooler out then zip it up for an added layer of warmth.

White Dress Shirt + Navy Double Breasted Blazer

A white dress shirt is always a good option when going out at night, especially when paired with a navy double-breasted blazer! The combination gives off a preppy vibe that looks great when paired with leather shorts and boots.

Leather Biker Jacket

The biker jacket is an absolute classic that never goes out of style. It’s hard to beat the look of a good leather jacket, but it can be tricky finding one that fits well and isn’t too bulky.

A cropped version is perfect for showing off your leather shorts, but if you prefer something longer, opt for a bomber style instead.

Black Leather Bomber Jacket

If you prefer something more casual, consider swapping your leather biker jacket for a bomber style instead. Bomber jackets should be fitted at the waist and flare out at the bottom, so they work well with both long and short shorts alike.

Black Leather Ankle Boots

You don’t have to wear heels with your leather shorts, ankle boots are another great option. From chunky combat boots to lace-up loafers, there are plenty of options that will work with your outfit without making you look like a dominatrix.

White and Black Check Coat

A black and white checked coat is a good choice if you want something that’s going to go with everything. The black will bring out the colors in your shirt and accessories, while the white will help ground the outfit.

Beige Fleece Coat

The beige fleece coat is the perfect way to keep warm during the winter months. It is made from soft fleece material that keeps you warm without being too bulky. This particular coat comes in three colors, grey, red and black.

The black one is probably the best choice for women who have dark hair because it will stand out more against their skin tone.

Hot Pink Double-Breasted Blazer

A hot pink double-breasted blazer is a nice addition to any outfit because it adds some extra color and style to your overall look. This blazer also has gold buttons which adds a bit of glamour to it as well

Since this blazer has two layers on top, it can be worn with just about anything whether you’re going out or staying in.

Mustard Windbreaker

The mustard windbreaker comes in two colors, including tan and brown shades. It’s a very interesting color that stands out from other jackets due to its unique hue.

In Conclusion

If you’re wearing shorts, whether leather or otherwise, it’s always nice to pair them with something a little dressier to balance out the casualness of the shorts. The best thing about these outfit suggestions is that they aren’t taking things too far, they’re casual enough to be appropriate for most settings, and yet not overly casual, so you don’t look sloppy either.

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