What to Wear with Linen Pants

Linen pants are a great addition to your summer wardrobe. They’re cool, breezy, and comfortable to wear. They look great with a t-shirt or a dressy top, and they can be paired with anything from sandals to heels. 

If you’re new to linen pants, here’s what you need to know:

What to Wear with Linen Pants

What to Wear with Linen Pants

You can wear them with anything from a simple tank top and flats to a dressier blouse and heels. If you’re not sure what to wear with linen pants, check out these outfit ideas.

Black backless top

A black backless top is a great way to start off your outfit with a hint of boldness. The backless feature shows off your shoulders, while the deep V-neckline adds more sex appeal. Pairing this with linen pants will make the outfit look more stylish than just wearing an ordinary top and jeans combination.

White tank top

You can also try pairing your linen pants with a white tank top for a casual yet chic look that’s perfect for summer days. 

If you’re not sure how to style it, pair it with floral print sandals and an oversized bag for an effortless but classy look that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Blue knotted top

Another option is wearing a blue knotted top with your linen pants for an effortless yet stylish ensemble that will keep you cool all day long! This outfit is perfect for any occasion including work meetings or casual get-togethers with friends.

Dress it down with a basic tee shirt

This is an easy way to dress up your outfit without going overboard on accessories or prints. A plain white tee shirt will match anything you have in your closet, from denim skirts and shorts to denim jackets and button-downs. 

It’ll also keep things simple if you’re not feeling like wearing more than one pattern at once.

Loose t-shirt and white sneakers

Linen pants are a great way to stay cool during the summer months, but they can get wrinkled easily. If you’re not keen on ironing, try wearing them with a loose t-shirt that can hide any creases. 

White sneakers will keep you comfortable while still looking polished.

White off the shoulder blouse and flat sandals

A light-colored top is essential when wearing linen pants it helps balance out the darker fabric and makes your outfit more cohesive. 

A pair of flat sandals will keep your feet cool without sacrificing style.

White ruffled top and white shoes

For an even more casual vibe, pair your linen pants with a ruffled top in white or another light color (a striped tee would also work). 

You can also play up the feminine feel by adding heels or wedges they will help elongate your look and add height to your frame as well as help balance out the drapey fabric of your pants.

A plain beige top with cute sandals

This combination is perfect for a casual weekend brunch or a shopping trip. Pair it with strappy sandals and a big floppy hat for extra flair. This outfit pairs well with a wide-brimmed sun hat or straw hat for added protection against the sun’s rays when outside all day long.

Tank top and yellow tint sandals

For those who prefer more coverage in their outfits, a tank top works perfectly under linen pants as long as it has a proper length in both front and back regions of the garment so it doesn’t bunch up around ankles or get caught in shoe eyelets during walking activities throughout various places such as shopping outlets and restaurants.

White oxford shirt and brown shoes 

White oxford shirt with brown shoes (or even sneakers), white ankle boots, and a straw hat. This look is perfect for casual days at the office, but you can also wear it on weekends with friends in the city.

White T-Shirt

Linen pants are great for showing off your body because of their loose fit. This means that they can be paired with anything from a white t-shirt to a black dress shirt. 

If you want something more casual, go for the former option, preferably a fitted one so that it shows off your figure even more. 

A white tee works great here because it allows you to show off your shoes and other accessories without being too distracting.

Brown Turtleneck

A brown turtleneck is another great way to pair linen pants with simple yet stylish pieces like sneakers or loafers. This also gives you an opportunity to add some warmth to your outfit as well since brown is traditionally associated with the autumn and winter months. 

The best part about this combination is that it’s very easy on the eyes, browns go well with most colors.

Floral top and brown shoes

If you want to be a bit more creative and stand out from the crowd, try wearing floral printed tops or printed shirts with your linen pants. You can pair them with brown shoes or sandals.

White blazer 

A white blazer is a perfect piece to pair with your linen pants. It will give you an elegant and chic look at work or any formal event. 

If you are wearing a white blazer, try pairing it with a printed shirt and brown shoes or sandals for an edgy look.

Printed shirt and brown shoes 

A printed shirt is another great option when pairing your linen pants with accessories like this one that comes in many colors such as blue, red, purple, green, etc., 

Your linen pants would look amazing with this outfit because it has different shades of blue which match perfectly with your pants’ color scheme.

 To complete the look, wear brown shoes or sandals to complement the whole ensemble.

An oversized top or blouse

Linen pants are very lightweight and airy, which means they can look frumpy if you don’t balance them out with a top that’s just as breezy as the pants.

An oversized dress shirt or blouse works well because it adds volume without adding bulkiness. For example, if you’re wearing cropped linen pants with a simple tank top, throw on an oversized blouse or tunic over top for added interest and visual interest.

This will also give your ensemble more shape so you don’t look like you’re wearing pajamas out of the house.

White plain sleeveless top 

This outfit works well with linen pants because it helps balance out the colors of your outfit. It also helps bring out other colors such as blue or orange if they are present in your outfit. 

You can pair this top with any color of your choice and it will still look great on you because of its simplicity. This outfit is perfect for summer days when it’s too hot to wear anything heavy so make sure to have it ready just in case.

Black striped shirt 

This look is great if you want to add some color to your outfit while still keeping things simple. The shoes will also help bring out the stripes in your shirt and tie everything together nicely.

White blouse, and beige high heels 

This look is perfect for an office party or casual event where you need something dressier than just jeans but not as fancy as a cocktail dress.

Plain linen top

A plain linen top is always a great choice. It can be worn alone or layered under another piece of clothing (like a cardigan or denim jacket).

White button-down shirt

A white button-down shirt works well with linen pants because it’s simple and goes with just about anything. You could even add a statement necklace if you want to dress it up more.

White sleeveless shirt

White sleeveless tops work well with linen pants because they allow your arms to breathe while keeping you cool during warmer months (and also look good).

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