When Is The Best Time To Buy A Sewing Machine

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Those who want to know when is the best time to buy a sewing machine can try two instances. We’ll discuss when to help you mark your calendar and save more when buying sewing machines. You will also be familiarized with what price to expect for a good sewing machine. 

when is the best time to buy a sewing machine

For additional buying tips, why not read about how to buy a sewing machine? You will benefit from knowing the factors to consider when selecting a model from the market. 


When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Buy A Sewing Machine?


Brand sales

You can get a sewing machine for a lower price when brands clear out their inventory. They usually do this by the end of summer to make way for new models in the upcoming holidays. It should be easy to monitor which units will be discounted by visiting the brand’s website or by coming to a retailer if you want to check the sewing machines in person. 

Individual sewing machines models may also have special promotions throughout the year. There are no specific dates on when this might happen, as the company might be making such sales to increase the demand for a particular model. You can also sign up for the notifications of various sewing machine companies, so you’ll know when they’ll have sales or even special coupons. 



There are some sure holidays where sewing machine brands will put their units at lower prices. They are during Black Friday and Christmas day. With Black Friday, you have to be extra early if you want to get a specific model you want. However, do not expect to find a particular model on sale, so check with the brand if you’re eyeing a specific sewing machine. 

You can also try with retailers such as Amazon and Walmart to score discounts ranging from 5 to 30% off. If not, there should be useful coupons to save a couple of bucks. And of course, most brands and stores will have big sales during Christmas to entice customers into buying Christmas gifts, which may include sewing machines. 

And to make way for the new units next year, be on the lookout for promotions and sales for the New Year. 


Do Sewing Machines Go On Sale?

Sewing machines, like any machinery and appliance, can go on sale. However, it might not be as often as other electronics. Depending on the brand, you can expect to get sewing machines at a lower price thrice a year. But even if the specific model you want is not on sale, you can always check with the brand or retailer for coupons to help you save more. 

Subscribing to newsletters and notifications of various sewing machine brands and large retailers should help you be updated with sales and promotions. Some might even send discounts and coupons upon subscribing. So if you want to mark your calendar for sewing machine sales, it’s best to sign up for notifications from different brands and stores. 


What Is A Reasonable Price For A Sewing Machine?


Entry-level sewing machines

If you are a beginner or teaching a child to sew on a sewing machine, you can start with the cheapest entry-level models ranging from $60 to $100. Of course, these cheap machines are not meant to last long and will be limited in features and capacity. However, it’s an excellent way to decide if you want to invest in a sewing machine in the long run or if sewing itself would be a hobby you see yourself often doing. 


Mid-range sewing machines

Most households opt for mid-range units that cost around $100 to $300. They are still somewhat basic, but they are more capable than entry-level sewing machines. These models should also last well with proper care and if you bought from a reputable brand.  


High-end sewing machines

Advanced sewers can invest in the high-end models of brands that cost up to $400 to $1,000. A thousand dollars is understandably pricey for a sewing machine, but if you are into the hobby of sewing or want something that can occasionally handle business projects, a high-end model is a reasonable investment. 


Industrial sewing machines

Expect that you will pay more than a thousand dollars for an industrial or professional sewing machine designed for business use. Professional sewing machines have a powerful motor and are typically packed with features meant to meet the demands of business sewing projects. You want a unit that won’t jam or get damaged when working on projects that must be finished at a specific time. 


Specialized sewing machines

Specialized sewing machines such as those for quilting and embroidery range from $300 to $2,000. They are equipped with unique features and parts to do projects like quilts and embroidery fast and perfect. Some are also meant to withstand high-volume production for businesses. 



And that’s it! To recap when is the best time to buy a sewing machine, try buying at the end of the summer or year, or mark your calendar for Black Friday and Christmas sales. Some stores and brands might also be clearing their inventories to make way for new products, which means older units will be priced lower. 

So how much should you pay for a decent sewing machine? Paying $300 or higher should be reasonable as these are mid to high-end units. Just remember that expensive doesn’t automatically mean the best, and consider your expectations when buying a machine. 


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