Where Are Bernina Sewing Machines Made: What to Know

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The answer to where are Bernina sewing machines made is in Switzerland. We’ll talk about the factories in more detail to help you get an idea about the workmanship of Bernina machines. You will also learn if getting a device from the brand is worth it.

where are bernina sewing machines made

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Where Are Bernina Sewing Machines Manufactured?

Bernina has two sewing machine factories located in Switzerland and Thailand. The Bernina Switzerland factory has been producing sewing machines since 1893 in Steckborn. On the other hand, the Bernina Thailand factory located in Lamphun only started in 1990, producing 80% of the 80,000 Bernina sewing machines made every year. 


Bernina Switzerland

The Bernina factory in Steckborn is where all Bernina sewing machines are designed, developed, and tested. According to the great-grandson of the brand’s founder, Bernina has no intention of leaving this plant. The Switzerland manufacturing facility has also improved since 2012 where it became more environmentally friendly. 


Bernina Thailand

The manufacturing facility of Bernina in Lamphun, Thailand, is responsible for making entry-level Bernina sewing machines and even the 7 series of the brand. They also produce parts and have the hook competency center. However, it’s worth noting that Bernina Thailand is still under Swiss management, so you can expect that even the low and mid-range Bernina sewing machines will have the same high quality as those produced in their Steckborn plant. 

Bernina prides itself on having loyal employees in both manufacturing facilities and providing them the best benefits while working under the company. The employees in Switzerland have been working for Bernina for as long as 20 to 50 years, while Bernina ensures that they provide their Thai employees above minimum wage pays and a comfortable working environment. 


Are All Bernina Sewing Machines Made In Switzerland?

All Bernina sewing machines are designed and tested in Switzerland, but nowadays, the Bernina Steckborn plant is only producing top-of-the-line sewing machines and longarm quilting machines. Bernina makes their other machines in their factory in Thailand under Swiss management to ensure that all Bernina units are of the best quality. 

It’s also worth noting that the prototypes for low and mid-range Bernina sewing machines are manufactured in Switzerland. In addition, the series production parts and 8 series sewing machines chassis are also made in the Steckborn plant along with the brand’s spare parts and presser feet. Overall, Bernina has been producing sewing machines in Switzerland for over 125 years, which means it is undoubtedly among the most reliable European brands. 


How did Bernina start?

Bernina was founded in 1893 by Karl Friedrich Gegauf, who invented the world’s first hemstitch sewing machine. That model can sew 100 stitches per minute, and it was so sensational worldwide that the production of hemstitching was even called gegaufing. Then by 1900, Bernina established its factory with around 80 people and Gegauf as a technical director. 

By 1932, Bernina produced the first household sewing machine in Steckborn. It has the logo with the Bernina brand name after the highest summit in the Eastern Alps. As the years pass, Bernina continues to reach milestones and innovations in the sewing machine industry, which is why it’s not surprising that it’s still among the most popular brand in the market. 


Is Bernina The Best Sewing Machine?

Bernina is among the best sewing machines to get because the brand has provided quality products and features for many years. For example, Bernina was the best seller for 11 years when they introduced the Bernina 830, a machine that uses electric foot control. In 2004, Bernina also created the Bernina Stitch Regulator that ensures uniform stitches during free-motion stitching. 

In fact, the brand earned the Best Innovator award thanks to this feature. Another feature that makes Bernina an excellent brand is when they launched the Bernina 9 Hook in 2012 that is among the best hook technology for sewing machines. 

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Why Is Bernina So Expensive?

Bernina sewing machines are pricier than other sewing machine brands because the products embody Swiss perfection and durability. The brand even has famous quilters Tula Pink and Lisa H. Calle as its ambassador. However, Bernina also offers affordable and mid-range units to suit all types of users. 


Is Bernina Or Janome Better?

Selecting between Bernina and Janome for your next sewing machine depends on your priority features. Both offer an array of units to choose from, but they differ since Janome is a Japanese brand while Bernina is a Swiss brand. Nevertheless, you should browse the catalog of both brands since they are among the leading sewing machine manufacturers in the market, and buying from either should not be something to be nervous about. 



Do you enjoy this article? We just discussed where are Bernina sewing machines made, and discovered the brand has factories in Switzerland and Thailand. The former produces the high-end units, while the affordable models are made by the latter. 

We hope you learned a lot from this brand. Leave us a comment if you have any questions. 

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  1. I’m unsure if the quality control in Thailand. I bought a Bernina 570. The first on had a large defect, right out of the box, where the rocker arm hit the protective plate. The second 570 I received after i brought back the first one, sews beautifully, but the #20 foot that came with the machine did not fit in the shaft. I was very surprised to have 2 quality issues with Bernina. I have a 770QEPlus on order, but I’m considering going with the 880 plus, because it’s made in Switzerland.


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