Where Are Pfaff Sewing Machines Made

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The answer to where are Pfaff sewing machines made is in China. This is because the brand is under SVP Worldwide, which this article will discuss in more detail below. You’ll also know more about this brand and if it’s worth it to buy a sewing machine from them. 

where are pfaff sewing machines made

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Where Are Pfaff Sewing Machines Manufactured?

Since Pfaff is among the sewing machine brands under SVP Worldwide, Pfaff sewing machines are manufactured in SVP’s sewing machine factory in Shanghai, China. However, the global corporate headquarters of SVP Worldwide is located near Nashville, Tennessee, US. And as for the company’s regional headquarters, they are located in Italy, Mexico, and Sydney.  

The manufacturing facilities of SVP Worldwide are in China for the sewing machines, while Brazil is where they produce their needles. They also have a global supply chain and distribution centers in multiple regions, with a software development center in Europe. Finally, SVP Worldwide also has various research and development centers. 


Are Pfaff machines made in Germany?

Pfaff sewing machines were first made in Germany in 1872, which was ten years when Georg Michael Pfaff made the first sewing machine. He was also responsible for the GM factory Pfaff in 1862. Pfaff also opened a factory in Kaiserslautern, Germany, to help with production. 

And by 1950, Pfaff was able to make five million sewing machines. After that, however, Kohlberg and Company, which already owns Singer, acquired the ownership of Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff. This then created SVP Worldwide. Nonetheless, Pfaff promises that every product will always be reliable. 


Who Makes Pfaff Sewing Machines?

SVP Worldwide is responsible for making Pfaff sewing machines. As mentioned on their website, the sewing machine factory of SVP Worldwide is located in China. Furthermore, you will notice that Pfaff is not the only notable brand that this company acquired. The SVP Worldwide brands also include Singer and Husqvarna Viking, which are a league of their own in the sewing machine industry. 


Is Pfaff A Good Sewing Machine Brand?

When learning how to buy a sewing machine, you want to get your unit from reliable brands. And considering the history of Pfaff that extends as long as 150 years, it’s reasonable to consider it a good brand for those wanting to buy a sewing machine. In addition, Pfaff had successfully built a reputation for creating durable and quality units considering they started producing in 1862 and are still a household favorite to this day. 

Let us take a look at the unique features that you can only find in Pfaff sewing machines:


Enhanced IDT™ Technology

A dual-feed technology in the Pfaff sewing machine for more efficient feeding regardless of the fabric type to ensure perfect seams and stitching. 


ActivStitch™ Technology

Precise feeding of thread thanks to built-in sensors on the Pfaff sewing machine that will measure and regulate your thread for you.


Basic Shape Creator™ feature and Stitch Creator™ feature

Some Pfaff sewing machines allow the user to select built-in shapes and create unique designs. The machine can also let you edit stitches or make your own. 


Are Old Pfaff Sewing Machines Worth Anything?

Old Pfaff sewing machines are valuable, especially the antique models. You can check your unit’s serial number to know what year it was produced. To cite some examples of old Pfaff sewing machines that will indeed look attractive to collectors and enthusiasts, search about the antique Pfaff 11 or the vintage Pfaff 130. If your old Pfaff sewing machine is still in working condition, you might be able to sell it for hundreds of dollars. 

But what if the machine is too worn down? Here is what you can do with a broken sewing machine without immediately resorting to throwing it away. 


What Sewing Machines Are Made In Europe?

Many sewing machine brands started in Europe, but Bernina is the only one still manufacturing in Europe. In particular, Bernina produces its sewing machines in Steckborn, Switzerland. They have been using that plant since 1893, and according to the great-grandson of the company’s founder, Bernina has no intention of leaving Europe for production. 


What Sewing Machines Are Made In The USA?

Brands such as Baby Lock, Brother, Janome, and Juki have models assembled or made in the US. However, they will also have other sewing machines that are made elsewhere. So if you are meticulous with this factor, you can always check the model you’re eyeing to know where it is made. 



And that’s it! To recap where are Pfaff sewing machines made, the brand is under SVP Worldwide, which has its sewing machine factory in Shanghai, China. We also found out that Pfaff has been producing sewing machines since 1862, so you can feel confident with the brand’s reliability. 

And if you have an old Pfaff sewing machine, please check the year it was made. You might be able to sell it for a handsome amount since some antique and vintage Pfaff models are highly valuable. We hope this was a helpful read; leave us a comment below if you have more questions.