Where Can I Download Free Embroidery Designs?

Are you looking for a free embroidery design library, where you can download thousands of free embroidery designs and patterns?

Most of the embroidery machines come with a built-in embroidery library with designs and patterns. At times these built-in embroidery designs and patterns are not enough or they look not to be interesting.

There are so many Websites for Embroidery where you can buy 100,s of embroidery designs but its sounds good if you can download free embroidery designs in order to understand the quality of these embroidery designs and also to explorer the variety that they offer.

Note: Never download and use copyrighted embroidery designs especially if you’re planning to use them for commercial purposes. You may get into problems when you sell these designs.

We have compiled a list of the best embroidery design websites where you can download free embroidery designs and patterns.

Where can you get embroidery designs?

Embroidery Designs

Number one platform offering 100+ free embroidery designs and also you can buy premium designs and patterns.


Embroidery online offers free embroidery designs and freebies. This embroidery site gives you free designs to tet the quality freely. They add designs. They offer free machine embroidery designs in multiple formats.

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabric gives you 100+ free machine embroidery designs to download. You also get free fonts, free SVDs, and free graphics.


Embroideres is one of the top machine embroidery websites where you can get access to thousands of free download embroidery designs library. You can test the quality, in any format and size instant download without the need to register or pay.


Get free machine embroidery designs from Annthegran. You can enjoy amazing embroidery designs from more than 15000 designs and patterns on this embroidery site.


One of the embroidery sites with a huge variety of free machine embroidery design themes and color combinations. You get endless designs to choose from.


Give you access to free machine embroidery design and applique design set.


Sewing Craft gives you a wide array of free patterns and projects so that you and try out with your embroidery or quilting machine most especially if you’re a beginner.

Swak Embroidery

This is another great embroidery site where you can get the best free embroidery patterns and fand embroidery designs freebies in any format such as DST format.

Other embroidery sites where you download free embroidery design include:

Oma’s Place



Best Free Embroidery Designs FAQs

What is the Best Free Embroidery Software Home Use

The best free embroidery software home use includes

  • My editor editing software.
  • BES Embroidery software 3
  • Truesizer web for Apple and Android devices
  • Bernina Arklink7

How can I get free embroidery?

You can get free embroidery from Embroiderydesigns.com, Annthegran.com, Embroideres.com, DCM.com, Bunnycup.com, Creativefabrica, and so many other embroidery design websites.

How difficult is embroidery?

Embroidery is not difficult, though it requires a good amount of time invested. When you the embroidery machine you get free access to online sewing classes. Also, there are thousands of tutorials on Youtube on how to embroider.

What is the easiest embroidery software to use?

If you’re a beginner the easiest embroidery software to use is My Editor editing embroidery software. It is very easy and comes with tutorials.

Is machine embroidery easy?

Yes, machine embroidery is a very easy, simple, and fun way to personalize your clothing items and sewing projects.

Where can I buy embroidery patterns?

The best place where you can buy embroidery patterns is ibroidery.com, Embroiderydesigns.com, and so many other embroidery sites.

How can I get free embroidery designs?

Best sites to find free embroidery designs and patterns

  • EmbroideryDesigns.com.
  • Oregon Patchworks.
  • Embroideres.com.
  • Ann the Gran.
  • Creative Fabrica.
  • Oma’s Place.
  • SWAK Embroidery.
  • Embroider

How much does custom embroidery cost?

The cost of a custom embroidery cost somewhere from $5 – $10

What is cheaper embroidery or screen printing?

Screen printing is a bit cheaper and embroidery. But also it depends on the machine and the material you’re using.

Can you use any fabric for embroidery?

Yes, you can use any fabric for embroidery though the best fabrics are cotton, linen, flour, muslin, and so many others.

What are the three methods of transferring design?

The three methods of transferring design include lightbox, carbon or graphite transfer, and Iron on transfer.

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