Where Can I Sell My Sewing Machine Near Me

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The answer to where can I sell my sewing machine near me reveals three options. You can try local selling or even online, and we’ll discuss them in more detail below. You will also learn how to sell sewing machines to guarantee a buyer.

where can i sell my sewing machine near me

But what if you don’t want to sell your sewing machine and it’s been stored for a while? Or perhaps someone gave you a vintage model? Then, feel free also to read our guide on how to use an old sewing machine


Where Can I Sell A Used Sewing Machine?



You might not need to spend to get an ad for your sewing machine. For example, some classified newspapers allow ads for free. You can also place your ad in the local newspaper to reach more potential buyers within your location. 



If you can’t find a newspaper to place an ad for your sewing machine, go the traditional rote and ask your nearby sewing shop if you can place a poster in their location. You can even try sewing repair shops where buyers might be looking for something more affordable. Antique shops might also be interested if you own a valuable antique sewing machine brand



Nowadays, it’s much easier to contact more people online. And best of all, it is free and won’t require you to go to multiple locations. Some websites to try for selling your sewing machine are Craigslist, Marketplace, and eBay. 


How To Sell An Old Sewing Machine

  1. Check the state of your unit and determine where to sell your used sewing machine
  2. If the sewing machine still functions smoothly, you can resell it via ads, online posts, or even by offering it to shops
  3. If the sewing machine is too disintegrated, consider disassembling it and selling each part
  4. Do some research about your specific sewing machine model to know how to price it, like looking at its serial number for Singer models
  5. Antique sewing machines can be valuable, but check if yours is made before 1900 to be considered antique

How To Determine The Condition Of Your Sewing Machine For Selling


  • Very few marks with undamaged and complete decals
  • Polished and excellent metalwork

Very good

  • Slightly used with some needle marks
  • Still attractive, and all parts are complete without rust


  • Few parts are missing but still functional
  • A bit of rust


  • Obviously used but can still be restored
  • Some rust and missing parts


  • Worn down
  • Might not be possible to repair

Is There A Market For Old Sewing Machines?

There is a market for old sewing machines as long as it still works. Otherwise, only some parts can be sold or reused. You can search about its value for a working used sewing machine by asking forums or even dealers. Furthermore, remember to be honest with the unit’s photos and descriptions if you’ll post an ad locally or via the internet. 


Will A Pawn Shop Buy A Sewing Machine?

Some pawnshops can accept a sewing machine, depending on the state of your model. Some sewing machines are also highly valuable, especially if it’s limited or has desirable parts and features for antique and vintage collectors. However, please consider visiting the pawnshop last because you might get a better value for your unit from direct buyers or other shops. 


Are Old Sewing Machines Worth Any Money?

Old sewing machines are still worth the money, depending on their condition and value. For example, the parts are still present and working despite old age, and the buyer can still get the original documents with the unit. Some machines also make attractive decors for collections, so make sure to learn how to clean a sewing machine if you intend to sell your device later on. 


How Do I Know If My Sewing Machine Is Antique?

A sewing machine made before 1900 is an antique, while those made after this year are vintage. So if what you have is a Singer sewing machine, you’re most likely to find it easier to identify if your model is antique. For example, the serial number has a corresponding date, which you can use to determine the exact age of your sewing machine. 

The model number is usually on the top or arm of the machine if you want to check the age of your unit. Other than that, you can also take note of its parts. For example, the decals are detailed and visually appealing, while the bobbins are long.  


What Is The Best Vintage Sewing Machine To Buy?

There are a lot of vintage sewing machines, but the most popular and sought-after models are from Singer. The brand’s units are known for treadle, straight stitch, for example. You can even conveniently use the Singer Sewing Machine Serial Number Database by the International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society.



And that’s it! To answer where can I sell my sewing machine near me, try newspaper ads, shops, or sell directly online. There’s a market for old machines, especially if you have a vintage or antique model.  

The key is knowing its value and how to price it to make you and the buyer happy. Speaking of which, you might also like this article on how to buy a sewing machine


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  1. I have a brother sewing machine, never has been used but I need to sell it!!! Excellent

  2. I have a antique black cast iron singer sewing machine it’s built in the middle of wood table . It still works great! Where can I seel it?


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