Where To Buy Sewing Machine Needles: 4 Best Stores

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The answer to where to buy sewing machine needles can be various marketplaces. We’ll talk about what to expect in Amazon, as well as other online stores. You will even learn how to select the needle for your model so that you can shop correctly. 

where to buy sewing machine needles

Speaking of sewing machine needles, do you already know how to put a needle in a sewing machine? Then, consider reading our tutorial for it to ensure that you can sew smoothly without issues.


Where Can I Buy Sewing Machine Needles?



There’s an extensive selection of sewing machine needles in the platform Amazon. This isn’t surprising because it’s also a place where you can find various sewing accessories. Some of the most popular needles in Amazon are the Singer machine needle for under $6 and an $8.99 100-piece sewing machine needle from Sewpasam. 

Overall, Amazon makes an excellent place to buy sewing machine needles if you are on a budget. The options are reasonably affordable, and most items have good reviews from buyers. Just make sure that you’ll get the right size and type of needle for your machine or project. 


GoldStar Tool

GoldStarTool is an online division of Golden Cutting and Sewing Supplies that has been around since 1990. It is known as a supplier for sewing supplies, including sewing machine needles. Upon ordering, you can expect the store to ship on the same day as long as you ordered before 3 pm PST. 

GoldStarTool also offers 99-cents US shipping within the continental US, and the orders are shipped First Class from UPS or US Postal Service. As for the available sewing machine needles, you can find Dritz, Groz-Beckert, Organ, and Singer products. You can even contact GoldStarTool if you can’t find the specific sewing machine needle you need. 



If you want to support family-owned businesses, you can consider looking for your sewing machine needle in SewingMachinesPlus. The company has been around for 50 years, and you can even visit their retail stores in person in California. In addition, the company boasts large showrooms, and they even have sewing classes. 

As for the needles, the brands available in SewingMachinesPlus are Singer, Schmetz, Klasse, Dritz, Organ, and Groz-Beckert. The fantastic thing with shopping from this store is they even offer assistance if you don’t know what sewing machine needle to get. Furthermore, it’s easy to refine your search on their website to find the specific needle you need easily. 

Sewing Parts Online

Started in 2008, you can also get a wide array of sewing machine needles in SPO or Sewing Parts Online. They were even listed among the fastest-growing companies in the US in 2014 and ranked 35th in Tennesse. As of this writing, SPO has shipped more than a million orders worldwide. 

As for the available sewing machine needles in SPO, they have as many as 28 pages of items to choose from. You can find everything from ballpoint, quilting, embroidery, stretch, twin, denim, leather, and quick threading. The store even has sales to get as much as 15% off when you buy during those dates. 


Do All Needles Fit All Sewing Machines?

Not all sewing machine needles will fit on all sewing machines. While most needles can work with most machines, some brands require specific needles, or the machine won’t work. You can expect specialty machines such as sergers to use different types of needles, but sewing needle brands like Schmetz can work with all sewing machine brands. 


How to choose a sewing machine needle size?

Sewing machine needles come in different sizes. To select the right one, consider the project’s material and the thread weight you’re using. Otherwise, it might become one of the reasons why your sewing machine skips stitches, or you’ll even end up with poor stitches since the needle might be too small or large. 

Sewing machine needles can either use the American or European system. The former is developed by Singer, while you can find European size needles if they use a percentage of millimeters. Most sewing machine stores offer support anyway, so don’t hesitate to contact them if you’re unsure what size to get. 


What Needle Do I Need For My Sewing Machine?


Universal needles

  • Can be used for woven, knit, and even synthetic fabrics
  • The most commonly used sewing machine needle

Ballpoint needles

  • Can be used on cotton or polyester 
  • Ideal for tightly woven materials or low stretch fabrics

Stretch needles

  • Suitable for stretchable materials like spandex or lycra
  • Prevents skipped stitches when working with elastic fabrics

Denim needles

  • For sewing densely woven materials such as denim or canvas
  • Won’t bend or break on tough fabrics

Leather needles

  • Suitable for leather, vinyl, or even suede
  • Can work with thick non-woven fabrics

Double needles

  • For sewing decorative stitches
  • Perfect for hems on stretchy materials

Topstitch needles

  • Suitable for thick threads
  • For sewing multiple layers of fabrics

Quilting needles

  • For thick layers
  • For sewing projects with thick interfacing


Was this article helpful? To recap where to buy sewing machine needles, you can try Amazon, GoldStar Tool, SewingMachinesPlus, or Sewing Parts Online. Some stores even offer customer support to help you find the perfect needle. 

Overall, understanding needle types and sizes is crucial when buying one. And after you have it, please learn how to change a sewing machine needle. The proper type and installation of the needle are crucial for a smooth sewing experience. 


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