Where To Donate Sewing Machines: 7 Options To Try

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We listed seven options on where to donate sewing machines. We’ll also talk about pawning or recycling a sewing machine, so you don’t need to consider throwing it away immediately. And best of all, these are places you will find regardless of where you live in the US. 

where to donate sewing machines

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Where To Donate Sewing Machines Near Me

Before anything else, please remember only to consider donating your sewing machine if it’s still in good shape. Then, the next users should still be able to use it. 



The first place to check out is the nearest charities in your location. It should be easy to contact various charities to check if they accept sewing machines. For example, The Sewing Machine Project has several drop-off locations in the US that you can find on their website. 


Care centers

Consider visiting the care centers for your community’s senior citizens. They often have activities regarding arts and crafts so that they can benefit from items like sewing machines. Other care centers for those in need might also accept sewing machines. 



Your local church might have activities and projects for seniors and kids alike. Try contacting them if they will accept your old sewing machine. Churches can also have fundraisers, where having a sewing machine can help make various items. 



Sewing can also help people to earn money. With this in mind, why not ask your area’s shelter where the residents are often taught about ways to have a source of income. And, of course, sewing can be a recreational activity for those staying in shelters. 



Schools, especially those that offer trade and vocational training, might accept your sewing machine. Some might be willing to take even machines with issues as a potential training opportunity for their students. You can also consider contacting Sewing Doc in Georgia since they will take “any and all sewing machines” according to them. 



Hospitals have activities for their patients. For example, you can contact your local hospital if they have crafting projects where your sewing machine can be used. They mighty happily accept your unit as long as it’s in working condition. 



Just like care centers and hospitals, prisons have activities and classes where your sewing machine might be helpful. Try your local prison if they accept donations like the sewing machines. If they have fashion and art classes, they’ll likely be happy to receive your machine. 


Does Goodwill Accept Sewing Machines?

Goodwill accepts sewing machines, being a charity reseller. The good news is it should be easy to find the nearest Goodwill donation site because the charity has various community-based locations. You can even browse their store if you’re a fan of old sewing machines while you’re at it. 

You might find various sewing machine brands for sale in a Goodwill store for under $10, potentially higher depending on the condition and model. Read how to buy a sewing machine for tips when purchasing a new or used model. It’s always good not just to donate, but also to support charities by buying from their shops. 


How To Donate Treadle Sewing Machine

Even if you own a treadle sewing machine, it’s still possible to donate it. Organizations like Sew Much Hope that provide sewing machines abroad and in the US have proven that even treadle sewing machines are wanted. In general, there is not much difference between donating modern sewing machines and treadle models. 

However, always check the current shape of your machine. Then, decide on where you will donate it to know where to drop it off and if you need to follow other considerations when donating an item. You can even try posting to your social media as you might have friends or family learning how to use a treadle sewing machine and can benefit from practicing with your old one. 


Do Pawn Shops Take Sewing Machines?

You can sell a sewing machine to a pawn shop, but keep in mind that these shops are focused on making money. Therefore, your sewing machine does not only have to be in good shape, but it should also be a desirable model for getting a reasonable price. You can also include accessories and talk about its features to make it more enticing. 

Furthermore, do your research about what to expect with your model’s price. Consult other owners of the same model, so you won’t get it undervalued. You might be better off selling the machine to other enthusiasts if you’re not that experienced with selling to pawnshops. 

Here is where can you sell a sewing machine for more information.  


Where To Recycle Sewing Machine Near Me

Consider finding a recycling center by All Green Electronics Recycling. They have various drop-off locations in California, but they still serve across the US. They even operate recycling trucks that can pick up your sewing machine for you throughout North America. 



And that’s it! We found where to donate sewing machines, including charities, care centers, churches, shelters, schools, hospitals, and prisons. Just remember to check the state of your sewing machine if it will still be helpful. 

If not, it should be easy to find a recycling center. We hope this helped you; leave us a question if you still have any.


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