Where To Oil Sewing Machine? 13 Best Tips!

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where to oil sewing machine

Do you know where to oil sewing machine? If not, read this blog post. Your sewing machine is a delicate piece of machinery that needs regular maintenance in order to keep it running smoothly.

All machines need lubrication in order for their moving parts to work properly and last as long as possible. This is especially true of the needle bar, which moves up and down many times during one stitch cycle, or per revolution of the handwheel.

The needle penetrates fabric every time it goes up and down so if there is no lubricant on this part of the machine, friction will cause heat buildup which can lead to premature wear or breakage over time and that means an expensive repair bill.

That’s just one reason your sewing machine needs


Where To Oil A Sewing Machine?

Luckily, there are a few key places where to oil sewing machine. First, oil the bobbin case where the bobbin sits. Second, oil the gear case, which is located on the right side of the machine. Finally, oil the needle bar and its associated parts.

Oil will both help lubricate these areas and serve as a protective barrier against dirt and dust particles that could cause damage over time if allowed inside these sensitive parts of your sewing machine.

Here’s how to apply both types of oils correctly:

Oiling a sewing machine is an important part of its maintenance. The type of oil you use will depend on the make and model of your machine.

The best way to oil a sewing machine is to remove the needle, presser foot, and bobbin holder.

Put a few drops of oil on each shaft, then turn the machine on and let it run for a minute or two.

You can also oil the gears by putting a few drops of oil on the spindle that the gear rides on. Be careful not to get any oil on the belt or it will slip.

After the gears are oiled, turn the machine off and wipe away any excess oil that has leaked out of the machine.


Sewing Machine Oiling Tips And Tricks

Here are some useful tips and tricks for oiling your sewing machine:

  1. Put 2 drops of oil at the point where the needle enters the machine head.
  2. For places where the needle has to move up or down, put about 3 drops of oil at that point (e.g., around the bobbin case).
  3. Put one drop on each slide plate, plus one each on the presser foot bar and screw plate.
  4. Put 1 drop of oil on each side of the needle clamp screw.
  5. You should also put a drop on the hook race (the part where the bobbin case goes). Also, if your machine has a feed dog (metal fabric-feeding device) and/or presser foot adjustment you can apply a drop or two to those parts.
  6. If your machine is very old, you can put oil on the bottom of the machine to get any gunk out. Put several drops on a clean cloth and rub in small circles, then wipe it all off with another clean cloth.
  7. The best time to oil your machine is when it’s not in use, but if that’s not possible, then do it when the machine is cold. Make sure to wipe off all the excess oil after you’re done.
  8. Use a small brush to spread the oil and keep it from touching other parts of your machine.
  9. Your bobbin case should be oiled every time you change your bobbin or after winding new thread onto the bobbin.
  10. If you notice that your machine is not sewing smoothly, it may be due to too much oil. Check your manual for the correct amount of oil to use for your machine.
  11. The gear case should be oiled every time you change your needle or approximately every 8 hours of use. Again, use only a few drops, and be sure not to get any oil on the belts or gears.
  12. The needle bar should be oiled every time you change your needle and also when the machine is first put into use.
  13. Be sure to use light oil, such as sewing machine oil, to avoid gumming up the works.

These tips should help you keep your sewing machine running smoothly for a long time.

sewing machine oiling tips and tricks


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Here are the answers to your questions:


Which part of the sewing machine should not be oiled?

The needle, presser foot, bobbin, and plate are parts of the sewing machine that should not be oiled.


How often should I oil my sewing machine?

Regularly check and oil the areas of the machine where do needle and hook go in and out of, such as:

  • The points where fingers touch for stitching (friendly reminder use light oil)
  • Bobbin holder
  • Hook race


Do Brother sewing machines need oiling?

Yes, some of the Brother sewing machines require oiling while others are already factory-lubricated.


Do modern sewing machines need oiling?

Yes, some modern sewing machines need oiling in order to run smoothly.


Can I use WD40 on sewing machine?

No, WD-40 is a lubricant and does not work to clean the machine.

Can I use WD40 on sewing machine


Should I oil my bobbin case?

Yes, you should oil your bobbin case every time you change your bobbin or after winding new thread onto the bobbin.


Why is there a need to put oil on slots after dusting the sewing machine?

When lint and dust allowed to accumulate in a sewing machine are saturated with oil and/or lubricant, they can disrupt the function of the machine over time. When this sticky gunk is eliminated, the sewing machine will run more smoothly, and no adjustments will be required.


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It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know where to oil sewing machine, be sure to do it regularly for best results.

By keeping your machine well-lubricated, you’ll ensure smooth, trouble-free operation every time you sew.

As long as you keep your sewing machine well-oiled, it should run smoothly and last for many years. Happy stitching.

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