Who Made JCPenney Sewing Machines: History And More

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The answer to who made JCPenney sewing machines is not the store itself. However, it’s also challenging to mention a specific name. We’ll go through its history in more detail below to help you understand this explanation further. 

who made jcpenney sewing machines

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Who Manufactured JCPenney Sewing Machines?

It isn’t very easy to find out who made JCPenney sewing machines, but first of all, note that JCPenney is not the one who manufactures these sewing machines. Instead, many manufacturers were thought to be behind JCPenney sewing machines, including numerous Japanese manufacturers and notable brands like Janome and Brother. 

You can also notice that some JCPenney sewing machines have similarities with other models from big sewing machine brands like Singer. Therefore, the manufacturer of these department store branded units might’ve taken inspiration from top brands. Unfortunately, there are no records to say which specific brand or manufacturer produced these machines with JCPenney. 


How Do You Thread A Bobbin On A JCP Sewing Machine?

These instructions are for the JCPenney 6560 sewing machine. Please refer to the manual of the specific model you have if you own a different one. 

  1. Pull about 6 inches of thread from the bobbin and insert the bobbin into its case
  2. Check if the thread will move clockwise and pull it into the bobbin case slot
  3. Draw the thread under the tension spring, then lead it into the spring’s opening


How to change a bobbin on a JCP sewing machine

  1. Raise the needle as high as possible, or you won’t be able to remove the bobbin case
  2. Open the slide plate and pull the latch on the bobbin case 
  3. Release the latch to remove the bobbin case
  4. Thread the bobbin accordingly
  5. Pull 6 inches of thread from the bobbin
  6. Insert the bobbin case into the shuttle race by holding the latch on the case
  7. Check if the finger on the case slides into the race’s notch
  8. Press the case into the shuttle, so its latch catches into the center post of the shuttle


How to wind a bobbin on a JCP sewing machine

  1. Move the stop motion knob counterclockwise while holding the handwheel to disengage it
  2. Thread the spring thread guide and bobbin hole inside out
  3. Put the bobbin to the bobbin winder shaft
  4. Push the winder to the right to engage the winding mechanism
  5. Hold the thread tail and turn the handwheel to tighten the thread
  6. Press on the foot pedal lightly to start winding, and the bobbin itself should stop once it’s full 
  7. Cut off the thread end


How to adjust the bobbin tension on a JCP sewing machine

  1. Before adjusting the bobbin tension, check and modify the upper thread tension first
  2. Set the tension knob to 5
  3. Find the screw on the side of the bobbin case and move it clockwise to increase the bobbin tension or counterclockwise to loosen the bobbin tension


How to pick up the bobbin thread on a JCP sewing machine

  1. Hold the upper thread end as you turn the handwheel towards you to move the needle down and up
  2. Pull the upper thread lightly, and you’ll see the bobbin thread in a loop
  3. Pull both threads for about 6 inches and have them under the presser foot and to the left


How Do You Oil A JCP Sewing Machine?

  1. Read the manual of the specific JCP sewing machine you have, as these maintenance instructions are suitable for the JCP 6560
  2. Prepare an actual sewing machine oil, and never use other types of lubricant to avoid jamming the JCP sewing machine 
  3. Add one drop of oil into the moving part in the hook to lessen the wear from fiction
  4. Do the same inside the face cover 
  5. Never use too much oil and run the machine for two minutes for the oil to work 
  6. Remove the top cover and oil the parts shown on the manual


How to clean a JCP sewing machine

  1. Remove the foot, needle, and needle plate
  2. Brush off the feed dog to remove lint and dust buildup
  3. Clean the hook race with the cover and hook removed
  4. Clean the sewing machine monthly when used daily for several hours

Read how to service a sewing machine for additional tips in maintaining your unit.  


Who Owns JCPenney Company?

Simon Property Group and Brookfield Assert Management own JCPenney. This makes JCPenney a private company and no longer a publicly traded company. However, some stores remain open for business, but its Texas home office officially closed. 


Does JCPenney sell sewing machines?

JCPenney used to sell sewing machines, and they are among the most popular products they offer. However, it’s hard to know if you can still find these units in the stores. You may or may not find sewing machines in JCPenney. 



And that’s it! We just found out who made JCPenney sewing machines and identified that many manufacturers attributed to the units. Some are popular brands like Brother, but various Japanese makers are also thought to make the machines sold in the department store. 

Using and maintaining a JCP sewing machine is also no different from other typical machines. Just remember to read your unit’s manual and follow it well. 


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