Who Made Montgomery Ward Sewing Machines

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If you’re curious about who made Montgomery Ward sewing machines, we discovered three manufacturers. Next, we’ll discuss the timeline of this brand to let you know more about the company’s history. You will also know what to expect with Montgomery Ward sewing machines and see if they’re worth it. 

who made montgomery ward sewing machines

Do you already own a machine from this brand? We wrote a tutorial on how to thread a Montgomery Ward sewing machine as well. Learn the proper way to set it up to get the most out of it. 


Who Manufactured Montgomery Ward Sewing Machines?


Foley and Williams 

Around 1913, Foley and Williams manufactured the Montgomery Ward Oakland sewing machine. Thus, they manufacture the earliest Montgomery Ward sewing machines. But even though they are relatively cheap, the reviews for these domestic sewing machines were not that positive during that time. 


National Sewing Machine Company 

The National Sewing Machine Company made several Montgomery Ward sewing machines before 1955. These units are Amazon, Damascus, Brunswick, and Windsor. This manufacturer was responsible for almost all Montgomery Ward sewing machines before 1955 and through WWII. 


Happy Sewing Machine Company

During the 1950s, the Happy Sewing Machine Company, a Japanese sewing manufacturer, started producing Montgomery Ward sewing machines. These models have a dove symbol, or they bear the letters JA, HC, or HA. The manufacturer is now called Happy Industrial Ltd, and they are known as the maker of the best Montgomery Ward sewing machines. 


Is Montgomery Ward Still In Business?

Montgomery Ward filed for bankruptcy in 1997, but the brand was relaunched as an online company in 2004. The brand was also acquired by a subsidiary of Colony Brands, Inc. in 2008. The online retailer offers an array of products to ship to the US and US territories.

However, upon searching for a sewing machine on the Ward website, we only found a Singer and several Brother sewing machines as of this writing. Nonetheless, the achievements of Montgomery Ward, such as being the first mail-order catalog, allowed it to expand quickly, and they even made brick and mortar retail stores in the 1900s. However, the development of malls and other retailers ultimately led to the catalog’s downfall. 


Are Montgomery Ward Sewing Machines Good?

Montgomery Ward sewing machines, especially the Japanese-manufactured models, have good reviews from owners who still use them nowadays despite being made years ago. So, for example, the Signature series are considered heavy-duty, and issues such as failure and breakage are practically non-existent according to some owners. 

Of course, you still need to maintain these Montgomery Ward units by cleaning and oiling them. As for the performance, Montgomery Ward sewing machines are easy to use for straight stitch sewing, even on fine fabrics. And if you own these vintage machines, you may even sell them at a good value even if they’re not comparable to antiques that may be sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars. 


How Much Is An Old Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine Worth?

While old Montgomery Ward sewing machines are not the most expensive vintage models to sell, it’s still possible to get one in exchange for several hundreds of dollars. However, the value depends on the model’s condition, age, and sewing ability. Unlike other vintage sewing machines, Montgomery Ward units are valued for their sewing capacity but not monetary value. 

But if you own an antique model, you can consider researching its potential price. Overall, owning a vintage model can always be enticing to collectors and enthusiasts alike. In addition, Montgomery Ward sewing machines will always have a reliable construction and performance that you might be more tempted to keep them yourself instead of selling. 

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How Old is My Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine?

Unlike other sewing machine brands, finding the age of a Montgomery Ward sewing machine is tricky since there is no directory where you can plug in the model’s serial number. Instead, the only way to find out how old your Montgomery Ward machine is by finding the manufacturing date on the manual. You can also try blogs and forums discussing this brand and check if you can find your model. 

You can post a picture of your unit and ask other sewing enthusiasts if they potentially know the year it was manufactured. If you’re located near an antique or vintage shop, consider asking for their opinion as well. Unfortunately, it’s tricky to find the age of the Montgomery Ward sewing machine compared to other brands such as Singer that have a serial number database


How Do You Use A Ward Signature Sewing Machine?

The best way to use a Ward Signature sewing machine is by referring to the manual. Unfortunately, you need to scour the internet if you can’t find it since Montgomery Ward doesn’t have a website where the manuals are readily available. You can also ask around other owners of this sewing machine brand. 



Was this article helpful? We just answered who made Montgomery Ward sewing machines and found out three manufacturers. They are Foley and Williams, National Sewing Machine Company, and Happy Sewing Machine Company. 

The latter is known for making the best units. However, you can’t find this brand nowadays even if they have an online store. 

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