Who Makes Bernette Sewing Machines: Are They Good?

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The answer to who makes bernette sewing machines is Bernina Textile Group. We will discuss this brand below and even compare bernette to Bernina. You will also know more about what to expect with the sewing machines from this brand.

who makes bernette sewing machines

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Who Manufactures Bernette Sewing Machines?


Are bernette sewing machines made by Bernina?

The Bernina Textile Group makes bernette sewing machines. Bernette is a brand of Bernina, and the machines are marketed to be suitable for beginners or those without much sewing experience. Their official website also has a store locator, so you can conveniently find the nearest dealer in your location. 


Where Is The Bernette Sewing Machine Made?

We all know where Bernina sewing machines are made, which can be in Switzerland or Thailand. It’s worth noting that Bernina itself was founded over 125 years ago, while bernette itself was launched in 1989. Odette Ueltschi created this independent brand; hence the name was a combination of Bernina and Odette.

Therefore, bernette products like sewing, embroidery, and overlocker machines are made from the same factories where Bernina units are made. The brand bernette also offers the same after-sales support and training quality from Bernina. And if you want to buy a bernette sewing machine, they have various independent and authorized dealerships throughout the US. 


Is Bernette A Good Brand?

Bernette is a good sewing machine brand since it follows the standards set by Bernina. You can even find reviews and blogs praising bernette machines for supporting this expectation. So if you’re pleased with the Swiss-designed units from Bernina, it’s worth considering getting a bernette sewing machine. 

Let’s talk about the bernette sewing machines to give you a quick idea of what to expect from this brand:


Mechanical bernette sewing machines

  1. bernette 05 Academy
  2. bernette 05 Crafter
  3. bernette 33
  4. bernette 35
  5. bernette sew&go 1, 3, and 5

The bernette 05 Academy is marketed by bernette as a durable and powerful all-rounder sewing machine. It is capable of 30 stitches and has 12 presser foot soles to help you work with various projects. It also has a fast motor and a large sewing space for convenience during sewing, regardless of the material or its size.  

The entry-level sew&go model from bernette is the mechanical sew&go 1. It is an affordable and basic sewing machine that is perfect for beginners. You will get four presser feet standard with this model to sew zippers and buttonholes easily.


Electronic bernette sewing machines

  1. bernette 37
  2. bernette 38
  3. bernette 77
  4. bernette 79
  5. bernette sew&go 7 and 8

The bernette 37 is marketed by bernette as an affordable, compact, and computerized model. It has a solid construction and is intuitive to use by beginners. You can also sew corners smoothly easily, thanks to its start/stop function. 

If you want a computerized sew&go bernette sewing machine, the sew&go 7 makes an excellent option. Bernette calls this a model for ambitious sewers because of the array of stitches you can do with it. You can also adjust the sewing speed easily to suit the material or project. 


What Is The Difference Between Bernette And Bernina?

Bernina was founded in 1893, while its brand bernette was only launched in 1989. Therefore, Bernina was in the sewing business longer, and it has built a reputation for itself by providing Swiss-quality sewing machines. However, bernette was also made by Bernina, so even if the models are more affordable, you will still not be missing on quality. 


Bernina 435 vs bernette 37

Bernina 425 has a 4.3-inch colored touch screen for a more intuitive experience with the controls. It also uses a jumbo bobbin, offers easy needle threading, and adjustable foot pressure. Bernette 37, on the other hand, offers 170mm of sewing space, a drop-in hook system, 50 stitch patterns, a 1-step buttonhole, and 700 stitches per minute. 


Bernina 335 vs bernette 33

The Bernina 335 is suitable for beginners or even for your kids who are just starting with sewing. It is easy to thread, including making buttonholes. Bernette 33, on the other hand, is an affordable basic sewing machine with robust construction and is capable of 15 stitches to suit most projects. 


What Is The Most Basic Bernina Sewing Machine?

Since bernette is a brand by Bernina marketed for providing affordable and beginner-friendly units, you might also wonder what’s the most basic Bernina unit. Browsing their catalog will help you compare various Bernina sewing machines, and the one that looks the most straightforward is the Bernina 325. It is called by the brand a small but big deal model.

Here are the features to expect with this model:

  • LCD display
  • 6.3-inch sewing space
  • CB hook system
  • Semi-automatic needle threader
  • 900 stitches per minute
  • Memory
  • Slide speed control
  • 97 stitch patterns and manual buttonhole



Was this article helpful? We just discussed who makes bernette sewing machines, and discovered that it’s Bernina. You can expect the same quality from Bernina with bernette at an affordable price, perfect for beginners. 

However, we also recommend that you read how to buy a sewing machine. It will help you further to know if the bernette model you’re eyeing is perfect for your needs. 


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