Who Makes Dressmaker Sewing Machines

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The answer to who makes Dressmaker sewing machines is Euro-Pro. We’ll talk more about this brand in more detail below. 

who makes dressmaker sewing machines

But what if you already own a Dressmaker? The good news is that we also have a tutorial on using a Dressmaker sewing machine that you can read if needed. 


Who Manufactures Dressmaker Sewing Machines

The company behind Dressmaker sewing machines is Euro-Pro, but note that there are also vintage sewing machines called Dressmaker. For vintage Dressmaker models, it will be hard to identify their specific manufacturers as various brands have used the name. 

As for the company Euro-Pro, they were founded in 1993, and their location is in Newton, Massachusetts. In an article in 2011 by Business Wire, Euro-Pro is among the fastest-growing companies in America. 

The so-called leader in the housewares industry is also behind brands like Shark and Ninja. Therefore, do not be confused when you see manuals for Dressmaker sewing machines under the brand Shark Clean. 


When Was The Dressmaker Sewing Machine Made?

Other than the Euro-Pro Dressmaker sewing machines manufactured in 2014, there are also vintage Dressmaker sewing machines back in 1935. The company behind this old Dressmaker model is Singer, where they called the 201 sewing machine “the Dressmaker.” 

Then, as years passed, many Japanese manufacturers started producing Dressmaker models. Unfortunately, this makes it confusing because many models were called Dressmakers, and they vary in the brands that made them. 

However, one thing is certain: the Singer Dressmaker served as the blueprint for the subsequent models that bear the name. So just do not confuse the Euro-Pro Dressmaker with these old Dressmaker sewing machines. 

Are you interested to know more about the brand Singer? Then, check out who makes Singer sewing machines to see why they have the best reputation in the sewing industry. 


Are Dressmaker Sewing Machines Any Good?

Dressmaker sewing machines are good, especially if you own an old model produced by Singer. But for other Dressmaker sewing machines with undetermined manufacturers, it will be hard to gauge their quality and longevity. 

What about the Euro-Pro Dressmaker sewing machine? This machine is a compact model ideal for people who want something easily portable and basic. 

It is straightforward to use, but experienced sewers might feel limited with its features. As you can see in this manual for the Euro-Pro Dressmaker 998B, it is not packed with many settings and functions that one can play with, but it should suffice for basic sewing of lightweight materials.  


Are Euro-Pro Sewing Machines Good?

Euro-Pro nowadays is called SharkNinja, and as of this writing, we can’t find any sewing machine available on their website. This can mean a limitation in buying a Euro-Pro Dressmaker sewing machine compared to other brands with readily available information of their models right on their websites. 

For your peace of mind, it might be better to get a sewing machine from a reputable brand like Brother or Singer. They have old models that still work to this day, which is a telltale sign of the manufacturer’s quality in craftsmanship. 

Read how to buy a sewing machine for tips in selecting a model from the market. 


Which Sewing Machines Are Made In Japan?

The following are Japanese sewing machine brands. Japanese manufacturers have an excellent reputation for producing sewing machines because of their commitment to making quality products. 

This is why it’s not surprising that most sewers are looking for Japanese sewing machines. However, note that some Japanese sewing machine brands manufactured in other Asian countries promise that the models they produce there are still as good as the early ones made in Japan. 

  • Brother
  • Juki
  • Janome
  • Montgomery Ward
  • Toyota
  • Maruzen


Which sewing machines are made in Europe?

Bernina is among the popular European sewing machines. In fact, Bernina still produces their models from Switzerland when you research where are Bernina sewing machines made.

However, there are also Bernina sewing machines made in Asia. Nonetheless, they mention that their manufacturing factory in Thailand is under Swiss management, which means the European brand provides consistent quality to their sewing machines, regardless of where they’re made.  


What Is The Most Reliable Brand Of Sewing Machine?

With the extensive list of sewing machine brands, it would be unfair to mention a specific manufacturer because they all have models worthy of being in every household. However, there’s a reason why Singer sewing machines are the most popular, and they’re also the easiest ones to date because the information for various models is readily available. 

It’s also worth noting to check other brands like Brother, Bernina, Janome, and Juki. The best sewing machine should meet the user’s needs, so make sure to get the one with the features you need and the construction to last long. 



And that’s it! In this article, we discussed who makes Dressmaker sewing machines and discovered that it is Euro-Pro. 

However, Singer also created a sewing machine called Dressmaker, and there are even vintage models that came from various manufacturers. 

So are Dressmaker sewing machines worth it? If you want something basic and compact, the answer is yes, but the lack of readily available information about it can make it hard to troubleshoot. 


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