Who Makes Juki Sewing Machines

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If you’re wondering who makes Juki sewing machines, it is the Juki Corporation. We will talk about this Japanese manufacturer and give you a quick summary of Juki sewing machine history below. You will also found out if this brand is reliable if you want to get a Juki sewing machine. 

who makes juki sewing machines

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Who Manufactures Juki Sewing Machines?

The company that manufactures Juki sewing machines is the Juki Corporation. They produce domestic and industrial sewing machines, and Juki is even the number one and leading manufacturers of sewing machines. Juki’s headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan, but the manufacturer has facilities in China and Vietnam. 


Which Country Made Juki?

Juki has manufacturing facilities in Japan, China, and Vietnam. But to give you a quick idea of the company history, it all started in Japan. The manufacturing of Juki sewing machines was permitted in 1945, and two years later, they created the first household sewing machine and started exporting the units to the US. 

Then, Juki’s first overseas factory for household sewing machines was established in China in 1990, and a factory for industrial sewing machine parts was started in Vietnam five years later. Juki also started a manufacturing plant for industrial sewing machines in China in 2000. Finally, the manufacturing capabilities of plants in Japan and Vietnam were combined in 2015 for the Juki group of companies. 


Which Juki Sewing Machines Are Made In Japan?

According to Juki’s website, the flagship factory of Juki industrial sewing machines is their Ohtawara factory. Therefore, the Juki units made in Japan would be their industrial models.  As for the Juki household sewing machines, they are being manufactured in Shanghai Juki Machine Company. 


Is Juki Better Than Bernina?

Selecting between Juki and Bernina sewing machines will depend on the user’s priority features and personal preference. But if you’re particular about where each brand manufacturers their models, Bernina’s machines are made in Steckborn, Switzerland, while Juki has their plants in Asia. So now, let us compare some household models from each brand. 

Juki HZL-DX5


  • Juki’s box feed system allows the machine to be consistently in contact with the fabric for perfect seams
  • Precise stitches thanks to the needle permeation feature
  • Lightly raise the presser foot with the float button to ensure even seams
  • Assigned foot control options for machine customization
  • Presser foot automatically lifts when you stop sewing for a smooth and continuous work

Bernina 435

  • No interruptions thanks to the jumbo bobbin
  • Quick thread changes with front-loading bobbin
  • Precise stitches thanks to the stitch width and speed
  • Semi-automatic needle threader
  • Easy and simple to use touch screen and on-screen support

Are Juki Sewing Machines Reliable?

Juki sewing machines are reliable because of the company’s long history of producing high-quality units. What makes Juki sewing machines even better is they are relatively simple to operate, even for beginners. You can browse the brand’s website for their household sewing machines, and it should be easy to find the ideal model for your needs. 

Juki provides a brief description of each sewing machine model to let you know what to expect from them. And if you also checked reviews and comments on various websites, users are pretty pleased with their Juki sewing machines. But of course, proper use and maintenance will ultimately affect any machine’s performance. 

Here is how to service a sewing machine for quick troubleshooting if your unit is not working as smoothly.  


What Is The Best Model Of Juki Sewing Machine?

The best model of Juki for a household sewing machine is the HZL-DX7, while the brand’s best tailor-use sewing machine is the TL-2200QVP Mini. It would be best to get an actual tailor sewing machine if you expect to use it for challenging projects, and you can even get an industrial sewing machine’s presser foot for it if needed. There is also the Juki TL-2200QVP if you want to make quilts with your sewing machine. 

What about lock sewing machines? Consider the Juki MO-114D, which may be small, but is more than capable. It performs saddle stitches well that you don’t have to worry about sewing stretch cloths and knit fabrics. You can also make decorative stitches with it. 


How Much Are Juki Industrial Sewing Machines?

There are no prices listed when you view the Juki industrial sewing machines on their website. However, it should be easy to locate distributors within the US. You can contact them if you’re interested in buying an industrial unit. 

There is an extensive list of Juki distributors in North America. Find the one closest to you and contact them for inquiries. For example, those in Los Angeles, California, can try ACE Sewing Machine Company. 



And that’s it! To recap who makes Juki sewing machines, it is the Juki Corporation that started in Japan. The brand’s industrial sewing machines are made in Japan, while the household units are made in China. They also have manufacturing facilities in Vietnam. 

So is it worth it to buy a Juki sewing machine? The answer is yes because you can select the model that’s suitable for your needs. You can also view the features that will make sewing much easier. 

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