Who Makes New Home Sewing Machines

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We found out who makes New Home sewing machines, and it is Janome. We will talk more about this brand, so you’ll know what to expect when purchasing a New Home sewing machine made by Janome.

who makes new home sewing machines

And besides New Home, you might also be curious about who makes Elna sewing machines. The answer is already mentioned, but you might like to know how Janome makes these brands.

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Who Made New Home Sewing Machines

In 1877, the first New Home sewing machine was introduced in the market, and by 1882, the old Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company became the New Home Sewing Machine Company. This newly formed company then produced the Octagon and New Home models, followed by the National and Favorite sewing machines three years later. 

The New Home company continued to grow rapidly that they even started producing needles for their competitor’s sewing machines. However, the brand struggled during the 1920s, and eight years later, the Free Sewing Machine Company took over New Home until 1955.  

And as of today, you will find New Home sewing machines from Janome, which owns the brand. Upon visiting Janome’s website, you’ll find the various New Home sewing machines. 


How old is my New Home sewing machine?

You can search for your New Home sewing machine’s model name or serial number to identify when it was manufactured. It might also help to contact Janome to access their records for the New Home models. 

Another way to date a New Home sewing machine is by taking it to an expert. However, note that old New Home sewing machines won’t be as valuable or sought after compared to other antiques and vintage machines. 

Nonetheless, it’s still worth it to research your machine to know its reasonable price. If it’s still in good shape and working condition, you might still be able to sell it for a couple of hundred dollars. 


Is Janome The Same As New Home?

Janome is the same as New Home since Janome purchased the New Home brand in 1960. As of this writing, you can buy a New Home sewing machine from Janome called the Janome New Home 720

The company markets it as a compact starter model for traveling and beginners while still getting the features of a full-size sewing machine. It is only 12 pounds, but you’ll get multiple features such as: buttonholes, 20 stitches, a built-in needle threader, speed control, locking stitch, snap-on style presser foot, extra-high presser foot, LED screen, and maximum stitch width and length of 5mm and 4mm correspondingly.  

And besides the New Home 720, Janome also has the Janome New Home 7700, New Home 49360, and New Home 2030DC. The New Home 7700 is a quilting machine, while the New Home 49360 and 2030DC are marketed as affordable top-of-the-line models. 


Who Makes Janome Sewing Machines?

The Janome Sewing Machine Company is a Japanese company behind the Janome sewing machines. It was founded in 1921 with headquarters in Hachioji and plants in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. 

Janome also has overseas subsidiaries in China, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, the UK, Switzerland, Holland, and Germany. However, the brand still ensures that all the factories adhere to their policies to ensure that all the sewing machines being produced are of the best quality. 

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Is Janome A Good Sewing Machine Brand?

Janome is a good sewing machine brand, having a good reputation ever since its establishment. It is often alongside Singer, Brother, and Bernina in the list of the best sewing machines to get. 

It’s also not surprising that sewers trust Japanese sewing machine brands because of their quality and innovative features. And what makes Janome even better is the array of products you can choose from regardless of your budget. 

Upon checking the available sewing machines from Janome’s website, you can select machines capable of sewing, embroidery, serging, and quilting. And if you want to buy a Janome machine, it should be easy to find the nearest dealer in your location. 


What Brand Is Best Sewing Machine?

The best brand of sewing machines includes those that have built their reputation throughout the years. They include Singer, Brother, Janome, Bernina, and Juki. Choosing among them will depend on your needs and priority features, mainly that they differ in the machines they offer. 

  • Check the overall construction of the sewing machine, ideally more metal parts than plastic parts
  • You’ll get the best value for money with sewing machines that include various accessories 
  • Beginners can take advantage of sewing machines with various stitch settings to experiment from
  • Opt for a sewing machine that can sew medium to heavy fabrics if you expect that you’re doing more than just repairs
  • Consider a sewing machine brand with excellent customer service and easily accessible dealers and service centers



And that’s it! We just found out who makes New Home sewing machines, which is now Janome. 

You can even find New Home models available for purchase on Janome’s website. Considering the Japanese brand Janome has a good reputation in the sewing industry, it would be fair to assume that New Home sewing machines are worth it, but of course, know if the features they offer to suit your needs. 


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