How To Thread A Babylock Sewing Machine? 15 Easy Steps!

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Are you wondering how to thread a babylock sewing machine? Threading a sewing machine can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!

How to Thread A Babylock Sewing Machine

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through how to thread your Babylock sewing machine.

The steps are pretty straightforward and take only about 10 minutes from start to finish.

Plus, with a few simple tips along the way, you should have no problem at all. Let’s get started.


How To Thread A Baby Lock Sewing Machine

Here are the steps on how to thread a babylock sewing machine:

#1. Locate the threading diagram on the front of the machine.

#2. Place the spool of thread on top of the spool pin, which is located near the top. The thread should wind around the entire spool in one direction only.

#3. Attach a knot at both ends and put it through the needle.

#4. Unscrew and open the bobbin compartment and place it so that you can see the eye of it.

#5. Hold up to your eye and look 90 degrees down into it to see an empty bobbin and threading running from left to right if you are looking at it from behind. The thread will go through the needle hole first, under the tension spring, then around the post, then over the tension spring before returning to the eye of the needle hole where the thread ends are attached to the bobbin.

#6. Operate your machine in reverse order, pulling both threads back through the needle hole to the eye. The shaft under tension spring should have a grooved wheel with teeth known as the “hook.” Without getting too technical, the hook is what causes the thread loop to go around and around the post before returning to the needle eye.

#7. Remove any tangles by taking hold of both ends of the thread and manually moving the hook back and forth through the loop until it runs smoothly.

#8. Release pressure on your foot pedal so that tension springs are not under strain, then take one end of the thread in each hand and pull gently. This will cause the hook to revolve and begin threading your machine.

#9. Using one hand, keep tension on the thread as it passes through the hook, and you continue to manually turn the hook with the other hand. If your hands aren’t big enough to pull this off, use a clothespin or binder clip as a “third hand” to assist you in making sure the thread runs smoothly.

#10. Once looped through the hook, pull your hands apart to slowly release the pressure on the tension springs by your foot. The machine will sew once you begin pushing it with your hands or pressing on the pedal again.

#11. Thread both ends of the one piece attached into either needle hole and knot at each end, or leave it knotted on one end and knot at the other.

#12. Turn the machine off before removing the spool pin housing.

#13. Take thread in each hand and pull until both ends of thread emerge from the needle hole attached to the spool inside the housing.

#14. Slowly release the tension on a thread by pulling your hands apart, then cut about 6 inches (15cm) from both ends.

#15. Thread through either needle hole and knot at each end, or leave knotted on one end and knot at the other. Cut off any excess thread after tightening knots. You may also be interested to know about troubleshooting your baby lock machine.



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