How To Remove Logos From Clothing? 8 Easy Ways!

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Are you wondering how to remove logos from clothing? There are a few easy ways; these things you will know as you delve into this article further. 

how to remove logos from clothing

Everyone has their reason for removing the logo, lettering, or other printed designs from the clothing; maybe you don’t like the design or poorly printed it during the printing process.

One of the problems with these printed designs is that they can get old and look unattractive. So now you want to get rid of them and look for ways to remove logos from clothing or lettering. There is so much information out there that lettering, logos, and you cannot remove other prints from the clothing; this is not true.

Some of these designs might be permanent, but there are always tricks you can use to remove them. If you’re interested in learning how to remove logos from your clothing without spoiling your shirt, hoodie, bag, or other clothes, continue reading this article.


Tips To Remove Logos From Clothing

These tips will help you on removing logos from the clothing. In addition, they will improve the process of removing the printed designs from any fabric. Now, here are the tips on how to remove logos from clothing:

#1. Ensure that the clothing you want to remove the logo is completely dry.

#2. It is better to take your shirt for a logo to be removed by a professional if you fail.

#3. Always read the instructions on the garment tag before doing anything.

#4. Use hand gloves, especially when using chemicals

#5. It is always essential to know the type of fibers used on the logo, the material, and the type of fabric before you remove logos from clothing.


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Ways To Remove Logos From Clothing

There are so many ways out there you can use to remove printings from the clothing. And here, we are going to use a few of them, and these include the following:

  • Using nail polish remover
  • Using clothe ironing method
  • Using solvents

There are actually more ways. In this article, we remove logos and print designs from different garments with different materials.


#1. Removing logos from shirts

Here are the ways to remove logos from shirts:


Using nail polish remover

This is one of the best methods to remove a logo from a shirt. Because the remover has a compound in it named acetone that reacts quickly with screen-printed designs such as logos.

Things needed:

  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton ball
  • Hairdryer

To remove the logo from the shirt. Here are the steps that you should follow:

#1. Start by washing the shirt using water that is cold. The reason for washing the shirt with cold water is that it will wash away some new ink.

#2. Now the second step is to dry the shirt using a hairdryer. Drying the shirt with a hand dryer will loosen some ink.

#3. Then get a cotton ball and apply nail polish remover (acetone) to it.

#4. Rub the cotton cloth around the logo area on the shirt for about one minute.

#5. Start removing the rest of the logo ink from the shirt by using your fingernails.

#6. After, rewash the shorts and dry them again using a hairdryer with high heat and clean the rest of the ink.

how to remove logos from clothing



#2. Removing logos from hoodies

Sometimes, it can be tricky to remove a logo from the hoodie. Because some types of designs and lettering are complex, and others are easier to remove. If you want to remove the logo from the hoodie, it might not be simple and will take time but follow these simple steps.


Using clothe iron and plastic bag

This is one of those methods you can use to remove the logo from the hoodie. It is one of the most effective logo removal methods. You can also use the nail polish remover mentioned above.

Here are the things needed:

  • Paper bag
  • Clothing iron
  • Plastic bags
  • Ironing board

To remove a logo from a hoodie. It’s best to comply with the following steps:

#1. First, wash the hoodie with cold water and dry it using a hairdryer, as mentioned above in the previous steps of removing a logo from the shirt.

#2. Heat the clothing iron to the medium heat level but with no steam.

#3. Place the hoodie over any flat surface (table) or ironing board. And then, place the cotton swab or paper bag where the logo is located on the hoodie.

#4. Starting ironing over the paper bag, you placed over the logo will make the logo print transfer from the hoodie and absorbed by the paper bag.

#5. You can repeat this process 2 to 4 times using different paper bags until the logo is removed.

#6. Then wash the hoodie either hand wash or using a washing machine, and we are good to go.

It’s best to also know the benefits of plastic bags.

Ways To Remove Logos From Clothing


#3. Removing prints from hoodies

Now that you still love your nice-looking hoodie but are no longer interested in the printing designs on lettering on it, it’s time to get rid of them. The process might be time-consuming, but it is worth it. Removing a print from a hoodie is no longer worries all you need is to follow these simple steps, and we are good to go:


Using nail polish removal

Things you need:

  • Cardboard
  • Nail polish remover
  • Soft brush
  • Plastic bag

To remove a print from the hoodie. Follow the simple steps below:

#1. Place a hoodie you want to remove the print on any flat surface.

#2. Then insert a plastic bag, a piece of cardboard, or anything under the hoodie. The plastic bag or cardboard under the hoodie prevents the nail polish chemical from spreading over the other places of the fabric.

#3. Then start applying nail polish remover around the print design, and you may leave it for about 20 or 30 minutes.

#4. Gently start rubbing off the print using a simple brush or a dull kitchen knife.

#5. Wash the hoodie according to the instructions on the hoodie tag and let it dry.

#6. If the print designs still appear on the clothing, repeat the process but do it faster due to the solid chemical in nail polish remover. It might damage the hoodie.


#4. Removing vinyl from clothes

Some people may think removing the vinyl from clothes is hard and tricky, but it isn’t. Follow these simple steps to remove the vinyl letters from your shirt or any clothing you want. Just prepare the tools you need below, and we’ll get started.


Using ironing method

To do this we will need:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Iron
  • Wax paper/paper bag
  • Dull knife
  • Iron board/table

To remove the vinyl from clothes, Follow the simple steps below:

#1. Heat the clothing iron to a medium level.

#2. Place the shirt or any cloth you want to remove heat transfer vinyl on the ironing board on any flat surface.

#3. Cover the lettering on the cloth with a paper bag or wax paper, and then start ironing for about 20 seconds.

#4. Then start peeling off the remaining vinyl with a dull knife but don’t use a sharp knife as it might damage the garment.


#5. Removing lettering from shirt

There are so many methods you can use to remove the lettering from a shirt, and these include using heat, cold water, chemical solvent, iron, and others. 


Using a hairdryer & rubbing alcohol

Things you need:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Cotton cloth
  • Hairdryer
  • Sharp knife

To remove the logo from shirts, Here are a few steps to do:

#1. Set the iron to the highest heat level.

#2. Lay the shirt you want to remove the lettering.

#3. Place a cotton swab under the shirt to avoid the lettering residue spread all over the shirt.

#4. Place a cloth over the lettering and start ironing.

#5. You can also use a hairdryer in the hottest setting.

#6. After ironing, use a sharp knife and start removing the remaining lettering.

#7. Once most of the lettering is removed, apply to rubbing alcohol around the area or any adhesive remover.

#8. Wash the shirt normally.

Ways To Remove Logos From Clothing


#6. Removing logos on the bag

Bags have heavy and thick fabric, so removing the logo from a bag can be nearly possible. However, there is always some trick you can follow and remove the logo from a bag. Most of the logos on bags are embroidered logos. 


Using seam ripper & tweezers

We will need:

  • A seam ripper
  • A pair of tweezers
  • Magnifying glass
  • Lint brush

To remove the logo from the bag, Here are the steps that you should follow:

#1. To remove a logo from a bag, just turn the bag inside out to expose the inner side of the logo.

#2. Get a seam ripper and start hooking the stitches or threads of the logo and cutting them. Follow this step until all are removed.

#3. When all are removed, use a pair of tweezers and remove the remaining tiny threads with the help of magnifying glass.

#4. Then use the lint brush to clean the area.

#5. Wash the bag afterward.

Ways To Remove Logos From Clothing


#7. Removing screen printing from polyester

Removing screen printing from polyester requires some good time and attention because this fabric is made from plastic. Follow these simple steps and learn how you can remove screenprint from a polyester.


Using warm water & washing detergents

Things we need:

  • Warm water
  • Heavy-duty washing detergent
  • A stiff brush or dull knife

To remove screen printing from polyester, It’s best to comply with the following steps:

#1. First, wash the polyester with warm water.

#2. Immediately after washing, apply little drops of heavy-duty washing detergent around the printing.

#3. Then use a stiff brush or dull knife to scrub off the design

#4. After washing the fabric normally

#5. Repeat the process until the sticker residue is all removed.

Ways To Remove Logos From Clothing



#8. Removing plastic logos from clothes

Removing plastic logos can bit very difficult because they are more potent than most the others. The best method to remove the plastic logo from the clothes is to use a spot removal gun.

Ways To Remove Logos From Clothing


Using spot gun removal

To remove the plastic logo from clothes, follow these steps:

#1. Load the gun with spot removal

#2. Apply the spot removal around the logo but carefully avoid it from getting over other parts of the cloth.

#3. Wait for a few minutes for the fluid to settle.

#4. Use a rag soaked in water and start wiping the plastic logo off.

#5. After removing the logo and ink stain, wash the cloth and dry it normally.

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It’s A Wrap!

It’s best that you already know how to remove logos from clothing. Having all the tricks and tips on removing logos from clothing can help without spending money, and you can use the same trick and methods to remove logos, vinyl, embroidered patches, and screen printing from any fabric or garment you want. Please share if you love this. You may also want to read about can nail polish be used as fabric paint.

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